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Do choices really matter?

Life is full of choices. What is the right path?
Life is full of choices. What is the right path?

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the different decisions you have to make? Which you want to go with and which you are not sure if you should do because you don’t know the end results? Yes, life is filled with choices we have to make and it’s never ending! When you think you’ve made a choice, another steps in. The choices you make determine the outcomes.

Why make choices if you ask? Choices are important so we don’t have regrets. Going back to creation, God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Why was there an alternative? Because anything that doesn’t have an option is not from God. We must have at least two choices. God will never force anything on us because that violates man’s free will.

We all have made wrong choices at different points in our lives and it is unavoidable. We need to learn from our failures. You can not grow if you have not had experiences that made you fall. It is through those experiences we are able to learn what to do and what not to do in order to become better. The goal is to move forward daily, not backward.

choose-wisely-e1359393632249Have you ever stopped to think about the impact your choices have had, or are having, on your life?

It is easy to think that if we make good choices about our career, marriage, education, income, family, etc., we should be able to do just fine.
But what about the other choices – the thousands of almost unnoticed choices that all of us make (or do not make), day in and day out? Choices like: whether you smoke or gossip, what you spend most of your time doing, what books you read, how to save money, should you end a relationship with someone, should you get that job and so on.

How important are those “little” choices? They are exceptionally important. It may be the big choices in life that set the direction for where we’re going, but it is the little choices that get us there.

Everyday we are faced with decisions that affects others and ourselves. Often though what feels like the easy decision is not the wisest decision. God’s wisdom leads us to live the best possible life and He has promised to give us his wisdom when we look for it. Everyone makes bad decisions at times but when we do, it’s important that we don`t run away and hide from it. Every experience you have, whether you characterize it as “good” or “bad,” is exactly the experience you need to have at that moment. Some choices may lead to more painful lessons than others, but living life in fear of living life is no way to live. So in our day-to-day moments we must constantly look to God. He gives us his wisdom for a purpose, so that we may live the life he intended us to live. The decisions we make define the person we become. Also the friends we surround ourselves with determine who we become. They either support us in making good decisions or lead us down a path of bad choices. Choose to surround yourself with friends who make wise choices

113978-Life+choices+picture+quotes+imThe key to making good decisions is praying for God’s wisdom, looking at the pros and cons before deciding, get facts about that decision (logic and reason), following your heart or intuition, and acting on it with faith, believing it will work out for good despite the challenges that come. Remember challenges will always come, whether it’s a good or bad choice, so stick to it and make the best use of every experience.


Although you can never be sure of all the future outcomes of a big decision, nor should you try to be, one thing is certain, nothing is worse than remaining in a state of indecision.⁠⁠⁠⁠ Choose faith over fear, trust over worry and victory over failure.



5 thoughts on “Do choices really matter?”

  1. You make everything come to light, it’s like I can see you speaking to me, your mouth pouring out the words and it’s clear to me.For the most part I think most people have clues of what they are here for but owning up to it and accepting that responsibility…that’s the issue: To take these steps they think about these factors;How,What and When“how will I start,what will my friends and people say about and some thinks it’s too late or may postpone ”
    Emi I love your piece, please can you write something on career choices in relation to purpose. Thanks may the Lord continue to strengthen your efforts and give you more insight in Jesus Name Amen.

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    1. Yes, it’s fear but living in that fear can make one uneasy. It’s better weighing the options, praying for strength and courage to stick with that decision. We are better off taking actions and feeling at peace than not and battling with the different voices in our heads. It is not easy but God will help us all. Thanks for your comment and will definitely look into your suggestion. God bless you.


  2. choices are indeed difficult to make, especially in this present age of information technology, where we are open to several options. we thus need to know first what our hearts desires, pray for the leading of the holy spirit, while also seeking the advice of a mentor or counsellor in order to make better and informed choices.
    This is certainly a good read. well done.

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  3. Well articulated and highly instructive write up. Life is all about choices. To get it right one has to get RIGHT VALUES. When you have right values you make RIGHT CHOICES. God bless you real good.

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  4. Great read Emi!!! I like how you present the main ideas of this article are very cohesive. In addition to what you said, I agree that it’s imperative that we seek God’s wisdom in all our life choices, and trust that he will guide our path towards success especially since our steps have already been predestined by God.

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