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Spending Your Time Wisely


So my sleep was interrupted this morning by my mom sending me messages on Whatsapp. .I woke up grudgingly and checked to see that she had sent an image of one of those motivational quotes. I struggled to open my eyes as I read the message.

I tried to go back to sleep but clearly MY MOM had other plans. My phone kept vibrating and I checked to see her message:  “I HOPE YOU ARE NOT STILL SLEEPING…WAKE UP!!!”

I responded letting her know that I was very much awake.

She then started to call for me to come downstairs.

I got out of my room and grumpily sat on the stairs and saw my mom walking around downstairs trying to get her day started.

“UGH MOM! Cant I sleep in??”


My mom said: “NO. How can you sleep in till 9…”

I started to zone out. (Lol my mom is…

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