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Understanding the Background of Forgiveness

Forgive!! That’s all it is. This topic is very deep. I’m not here to state anything new. I’m sure you’ve been told this countless times, but I just want to share my thoughts on this and provide a scenario to discuss in the comments. I also want to know your view on the issue. Recently I’ve heard of different scenarios that have been too extreme and trust me humanly speaking, it will be hard to forgive but it is possible to forgive. If I may ask, why are you not forgiving? The person who hurts cannot erase their wrongs, it has already happened.

It is not a feeling but a decision instead of demanding justice. There are always consequences for any action taken. Forgiveness does not remove all the consequences of wrong behavior. Negative behavior has negative consequences. Let God be the judge and not you. Just take a moment and think of the worst thing that you have ever done and see the blessings you still enjoy. Do you think after all you deserve them and why? Have you ever thought about the words of ‘Our father….forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us” Give forgiveness so that you can receive forgiveness.

There’s a physics law that says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That law could be related to karma. When you do something, there is an effect just like the bible says whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven. So whatever you do has an impact on the earth and in heaven. So if you do something bad, there is an equal reaction (punishment). If you ask for forgiveness God will forgive you, and you will be saved (spiritually) but on earth there is that reaction (karma/consequences) that you would have to face.

Forgiveness shows maturity and sets us free! We think we feel better when we hate that person or hold a grudge, but it doesn’t. It weakens us more and more if you think about it! But when you repay that evil the person did to you with LOVE; you’re free, liberated! There’s no space for anger. Anger and hatred take energy because you’ll sit and plot all sorts of things in your head about the person. Most times these thoughts just go on and build up leaving you depressed.

For me, I’m thankful God gave me a forgiving and enduring heart. People have hurt me!! But I’m so shocked at times when I find myself praying for the person because I’m just tired of hating! Not because the person didn’t hurt me enough, he/she did, they did but it takes a lot of joy, happiness, peace of mind from me, and I VALUE my peace. Most times I prefer being at peace than to be right NOT because I cannot speak, but that’s where wisdom comes in, knowing when and when not to speak.

Forgiveness doesn’t define forgetting. Our brain records experience whether good or bad. And the memory doesn’t mean you haven’t forgiven. It just means you are human and remembering a painful experience. When you remember the situation, laugh about it and thank God he took you through the situation.  Who knows, it’s those trials, those insults, those situations that are stepping stones to where you are now or where you are going.

Let go and forgive with love. Forgiving with love means you somehow have to come to terms with the fact that you have to bless your enemy. How do you make sense of that kind of expectation? It doesn’t make sense right? It’s not meant to! If God’s love made sense to you, that would be the day you stopped appreciating it, and we will all take it for granted. We need to pray to God to help us live in love no matter what it is

Has anyone ever stopped to wonder if God ever gets uncomfortable when he has to watch us in our sin? But hey he forgives us with love. Not because he has to but because he wants to. That’s a way to approach forgiveness. You aren’t weak because you forgive someone. Once you hold on to your forgiveness like it’s a precious gift that you can give to certain people, you’re missing the point.

You might ask “But what if the hurt is so deep, and you have to deal with it every day. Then what? Where do you find the love? Where do you find the strength to open your mouth and pray for the person who hurt.”

To be continued…



7 thoughts on “Understanding the Background of Forgiveness”

  1. Should she forgive,yes, but you have to remember that it’s easier said than done. Not only because we have been instructed to be forgiving but also you don’t want to let that anger and hurt take root in your heart and infect your being. Forgiveness,true forgiveness alleviates most of the burden that has been placed. That’s not to say it automatically becomes better and you would no longer remember it as being awful but that you have made a conscious decision to put the incident behind you in order to move forward. This also means that just because you’ve forgiven someone you can’t/shouldn’t take them to court or instances such as these. But that the bitterness and anger that was driving you to do so is gone and your concern becomes centred on ensuring that never happens again and what that might look like. Lastly, it is a progress and can even take years depending on the grievances held and we are human so not everything goes according to plan. It’s something we have to continuously work on and improve. Also communication is key,air out your issues and explain your case to THE person, not twitter,your friends,snapchat.(obviously nothing is stopping you from doing any of these, but hopefully you talk to the person first rather than the tendency to go from friend to friend explaining the situation and it’s still not resolved a week later

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    1. Definitely justice must be served. Putting yourself in her position, you are a bank clerk, 4 or 5 years after, the murderer comes to your bank and you are the clerk on duty. He comes up and needs a loan, would you help him out?


  2. I agree with everything you said about forgiveness. Especially the part about forgiving does not mean forgetting. You can forgive a person, still remember the situation and then readjust your relationship with the person. Also forgiveness gives you peace of mind tbvh.

    As for the scenario, I think such a thing would take God to get you to forgive, because naturally you CANNOT forgive such a person. t is just not possible! There would be so much bitterness and anger in your heart which would make it difficult to forgive the person.

    ALSO I don’t think I wold ask her to forgive even though I know it is the right thing to do. Asking her to forgive would be easier said than done because I have never been in that situation.So me telling her to forgive might be undermining what she is feeling and going through.

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  3. Hey Emi! Love this and now that I’m kind of dealing with forgiveness this came in handy again! But what happens when your friend offends you ,you let them know that what they did was hurtful and they don’t reply. 2 You let it go and speak to the person via text message but when you see face to face the person just removes their face and acts like you were not even there. I feel like I have forgiven them and I have prayed about it but do I necessarily have to force myself to start the conversation?

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    1. Thanks girl. You have forgiven the person, that alone shows maturity. When you see her, say hi even when you notice she ‘s trying to ignore you. You don’t need to start a conversation. You saying hi, just means you recognize the person is around you and have let go of what has happened in the past. It makes you look matured, makes her understand that you are not trying to keep malice and makes her question her actions and hopefully learn forgiveness through you. In the long run, she will admire you or would want to have a conversation with you.
      Forgiveness actually takes the grace of God because we have to die to our feelings and let God work through us even when the person who hurt is putting up nasty behaviors that makes you more hurt and not feeling remorse about past actions.

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