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The Power of Discipline: Part 1 Introduction

power-of-discipline3Discipline is a trait that is very important to our success in life. The Bible outlines a couple of times where discipline is essential in life, and this word goes synonymous with self-control and godliness. Discipline is essential in our relationship with Christ because our only way to get closer to Him is to kill our flesh and renew our spirit man daily, which can only be done by exhibiting self-control and training our flesh and spirit to live and hear from God.

The Bible outlines in a couple of verses the power of discipline in our lives. For example in the book of Proverbs 12:1, the Bible states that whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid. This verse shows us that to move forward in life and overcome challenges, we need to be disciplined in life, so that we will be able to train our spirit man to hear the holy spirit when he is giving us daily instructions on what to do.

Discipline is synonymous with receiving knowledge from God and being God-fearing. It is when we train our flesh and bring it under the control of the Holy Spirit. Discipline comes with one discovering their purpose in life. It is synonymous with humility because one cannot be proud and take corrections in life as needed. It is vital to the very existence of man as it is the trait that keeps you motivated on your goal and focus in life.

To serve God with everything we have in us, we have to be extremely disciplined individuals; we have to be able to take instructions and correction from God at every point in our lives.

The Bible in the book of Revelation 3:19 states that those who I love I discipline, so be zealous and repent.

God will not want you to be disciplined if He wants you to live a mediocre life. The reason individuals never achieve their purpose on this earth is due to the lack of discipline in one area of their lives that causes them not to reach their maximum.


Discipline requires one to be sacrificial; we have to be able to endure pain and deny ourselves some of the pleasures of life, It requires us to give up sin so that we can live for the glory of God. When a man discovers their purpose and mission on this earth, it is easy for the man to deny himself these things because he knows the purpose God has called him to in life hence he sees the bigger picture in all that he does. Discipline comes with our identity as Christians; it comes with one able to follow the father’s instruction as painful it might be to move forward in our Christian race.

I am going to be talking about the power of discipline in our soul, mind and body over the next few series.

Part 2:The Power of Discipline: Disciplining your spirit man

Part 3: The Power of Discipline: The Soul

I shall be using practical examples given to me by the Holy Spirit teaching us ways we can be more disciplined in every area of our lives.

Till we meet again!


-Demi Atilade

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