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The Power of Discipline: Disciplining your spirit man

The power of discipline! I gave an introduction to this topic in the previous post. Click here to read it. Over the next few series, I will be writing about the power of discipline in our spirit, soul and body. This post is about the power of disciplining our spirit. I hope you learn from it, and it blesses you.

May the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:23  (ESV)

Can a phone work without a battery or the software that operates the phone? I guess not! The phone needs both the software and the battery to work. The software alone won’t make the phone work and the battery alone won’t either. Even if we have all these components that will make the phone work, if the battery isn’t charged, the phone still won’t work.

We are made up of three parts spirit, soul and body. This is very evident in the scripture above. The spirit controls the soul(mind) and controls the body which means that whatever we conceive or allow to be sown in our spirit man gets manifested in our bodies. This is why as Christians the change of surrendering our life to Jesus Christ starts internally, with our spirits. We are a spirit, have a soul and live in a body. You can think of this using the phone analogy,
Battery: Spirit (God)
Software: Soul/Mind (Emotions, will and character)
Phone: Body (Earth)
The body can’t function without the spirit or soul.

Our spirit controls our meaning and purpose in life. It is through our spirit that we can fellowship with God and allow Him to speak to us. It is the greatest part of man and occupies our most inner being.

Hence, we can see that disciplining our spirit man is essential to our progress as Christians in life. Without our spirit man being disciplined and conditioned unto His will, we are nothing. The way God divided us into spirit, soul and body is also synonymous with the way God told the Israelites to build the temple of worship for him. The first area being the outer court (body) is the part that can be seen by all, witnessed by all with external worship taking place. The second part of the temple (soul) which is the holy place is where only priests are allowed while the last part of the temple, the holy of holies (spirit) where no human eye sees. Thus, our spirit man has to be attuned to his presence at all times so that we can have a better relationship with Him.

To discipline our spirit man, we have to pray, worship and study His word at all times. A woman-reading-biblebattery won’t work unless it’s charged. We have to charge our spirit by meditating on His teachings. Knowing His purpose for our lives will help our spirit man to be more disciplined and will also allow us to hear from God directly as Christians. God wants to have a relationship with us, and the only way we can enjoy this relationship is to open our spirit man unto Him. Let our spirits be clean and pure so that he may come and dwell within us. Fasting is also an essential and beneficial tool we can use to discipline our spirit man because fasting makes us deny our flesh of worldly pleasures so that we can learn from Him.

Stay with me as I continue this series over the next days, so you can see how everything ties together and how we can become more disciplined and live a fulfilling life.

I pray that for everyone who reads this, will learn to draw closer to Him so that our spirit can be more disciplined and He can teach us His ways so that we can progress in every area of life.


-Demi Atilade

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