[Profile] Open Heavens 2015: Anne Ugobor

Anne Ugobor

Anne Ugobor is a Praise and Worship leader with a passion for God’s presence. She began singing at church soon after she committed her life to Christ in her teenage years.

She has remained true to her calling over the years, serving as lead worshipper and choir director in various assemblies spanning 3 continents. Whether she is leading thousands in worship or raising the next generation of worship leaders, her focus remains the same: “to bring pleasure to the audience of One”.

Her debut album “Stay Right Here” is a direct expression of her passion to be in His presence. She says: “I want to give God what He desires from me, true worship, and it is my prayer that everyone who listens to this project will have that same desire.”

She currently serves as the Music Director at House of Praise, Mississauga, Canada. She is happily married to Paul and blessed with four children.

She will be ministering at Open Heavens 2015. Come and you will be blessed!!

Anne Ugobor 1

There’s also free transportation across the Greater Toronto Area. For more information visit www.openheavenstoronto.com

See you there!



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