Balance Your Life

I just finished a challenge, where I learnt a lot, and just have to share what I learned during that period. One thing I learnt was balancing my life and enjoying life. This post is just a reminder to myself and to encourage you to reflect on your life and examine your priorities.



Don’t be too busy you don’t have time for who and what matters. You don’t want to live your life till you’re old wishing you did things earlier. Focus on what matter now and adjust your values. Please don’t waste your time!!

Learn how to nourish your inner life and tend that fire God put inside everyone one of us. He puts an inner fire in us that gives us the passion, zeal and reason to get up in the morning and it is a fire that needs to be tended. If we don’t tend it, we’ll realize we wake up each day living life to meet other people’s needs from a cold source. Have time for yourself.

For me personally, I have struggled with this whole idea of balance. I tend to see myself doing a lot, but I’ve learnt through the years to take a pause, set priorities and give attention to what really matters. I don’t have it mastered and all figured out, but I’m working on this particular area, nourishing my inner fire, making sure that my soul is growing. It’s difficult, but I’m learning the more that I tend that fire, the more strength and joy I have to face life. Part of loving God, and loving your neighbor is loving you. The way you can tell your inner fire is fading is if you are so irritable all the time, the least thing bugs you, if you cannot handle anybody disagreeing with you, if you cannot handle a delay, an interruption.

What does it matter if everything on the outside looks good, your appearance, success, etc. but inside there is rage, anger, death, bitterness, frustration, unforgiveness. What are you neglecting in your life right now out of busyness? What is it that you have stopped paying attention to? Praying? Spending time with God? Spending time with loved ones? Spending time with yourself? A friend you haven’t talked to in like a year because you are really too busy? What do you do for fun on a weekly basis? What do you do to bring joy back into your life? A promotion at work cannot warm a cold heart, what will warm a cold heart again, is a contact with a living God. Set your priorities right.


To live a balanced life you have to nourish your inner life and commit your daily schedule to God. Our schedules don’t always play out as planned, things might pop out and disrupt it, and we find ourselves trying to make time to do everything we scheduled doing, thereby stressing ourselves, and we get too busy. I understand that God knows what I am supposed to be doing on any given day,  I may make my list, you may make your list, but commit it to God knowing that He alone knows what you are supposed to be doing on any given day. That way, you have peace even when you don’t do everything you listed down. If you want the stress level in your life to go down, allow yourself to be bendable and flexible, give your schedule to God. Don’t make the decision yourself, let God be God over your life and help you know what you are supposed to do any given day. There is a season for everything.

Lastly, just enjoy the moment!! Don’t have the idea of when and then; when I graduate, then I will be happy; when I get a job, then I will be happy. The fact is that you won’t, the moment you reach that goal, you start thinking what’s the next goal, it’s a life cycle. The goal of life is not accomplishments, acquisitions, pleasures, the goal of life is to know God and to use the talents and gifts to serve others because that builds character for eternity. Be happy, celebrate each day!! for the mere fact, you can breathe.



9 thoughts on “Balance Your Life”

    1. Thank you so much! Haha I guess we’re in the same boat. I just got back to the gym, I pray I keep up to it and meditate on this post to keep me motivated


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