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Its Okay to be Single

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Valentine’s Day is in a couple of weeks, and all the flowers, cards, chocolates, and stuffed animals have made one thing so apparent.

Just how single you are.

If you haven’t felt single before, this is the time it really clicks.

You are standing in the middle of the store admiring all the Valentine’s day merchandise realizing you are getting nothing this year. You also realized that you will be spending yet another Valentine’s day locked in your room, stuffing your face and watching romantic comedies.

Or is that just me?

LOL It really doesnt have to be that depressing y’all.

Forreal guys Its okay to be single. 244b8d16d0ab64fbc1b8c1cd74902f09.jpg

I know that with the Bae epidemic its going to be hard to enjoy your singleness. I swear it seems like every single time you log on to Facebook, someone you went to high school or college with is getting engaged.

So how do you enjoy being single when everyone has a Bae?


1. Love yourself

Take this time to build your self worth. Your self love. Appreciate all the things that make you special and amazing. There are a lot of great things about you and there is so much to love. You don’t need anyone else to validate that for you.

If you cannot truly love yourself, how can you appreciate someone else loving you? How can you expect someone else to love something you dont love? The way you love yourself will set the bar for how you expect someone else to love you. It will set the bar for what you will and will not tolerate in a relationship.


2. Cultivate yourself

Take this time to build your skills. To build yourself. Focus on your education and your career. Focus on making you a better person. Develop new skills. Learn something new. Try something different. Find  a hobby (something that you really enjoy doing) and do it. Be the best that you can be!


Also take this time to reflect on yourself. Figure out what you need to work on and work on it. You know what you are looking for (in a partner), but  Do you meet your own standards?

Maybe there are some things you need to change about yourself. Figure that out and take steps to work on YOU.

During this time, dont focus on other peoples relationships. Obviously its natural to see “relationship goals” and want that for yourself but not to the point where you become so depressed about being single.


Dont focus on #RelationshipGoals but on #SelfGoals.

3. Learn to be Alone. Be comfortable with your company

Learn how to be okay with being alone. Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. It just means that you enjoy your company enough. Learn to be alone with your thoughts, and sometimes just focus on you. Learn to enjoy yourself without others. When you are alone, it gives you a lot of time to work on yourself and find yourself. It gives you a chance to really get to  know YOU.

being alone.jpg

Personally, I enjoy being alone. I enjoy spending time with myself reading, writing, watching movies, cooking…. (anything really). Being alone with my thoughts actually brings me a lot of peace. 

4. Make friends and Have fun

There is nothing wrong with being alone sometimes. But you also need people around you. Make new friends and discover new things to do.Make plans and try something different. Focus on having the right balance in your life. It is good to have friends and to do fun things. Just ensure that you are around people that uplift you rather than bring you down.

TEASER (6).jpg

5. Dont look for a relationship. Let it find you.

If you are too busy looking for a relationship, you will end up settling for just anything. Take your time and focus on building yourself and enjoying yourself WITHOUT a relationship. I strongly believe that good things happen when you least expect it. Let it find you.


Serendipity: finding something good without looking for it 

I hope this was helpful.
Thanks for reading and make sure you share this post with your single friends 🙂

Comment and let me know your thoughts about being Single and ways to enjoy your singleness.

Till next time guys.

-Temi 🙂

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