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Loving the unlovable

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Life is full of people who rub us the wrong way. Whether it’s within our family, friends, at school, work or in our community, we’ve all encountered at least one person who drives us absolutely crazy. Maybe they say sly insults, tell bad jokes, or invade our personal space. Whatever their annoying or destructive habits are, our spirits are dampened and flustered by their presence in our lives.

It’s easy to love people that are lovable, anyone can do that, but God wants us to love those that humanly speaking they really don’t deserve it. Some people are going through a lot of hurt and pain, that they don’t even know affects the way they relate with others. We see how they react, and we get upset that they are hurting our feelings, we feel irritated and want to react and attack.

Honestly, It’s not about your feelings, and it’s not about them. They are already feeling a lot of hurts, they don’t want to relate to the next person and the person adds to everything. You should help lighten their burden. See the devil or the spirit using them not them. (Oh if you haven’t watched war room, I highly recommend you should watch that now!! It changed my thought process completely!)

Be that one person, that they can say despite all their actions, you still stood by them and cared for them. They will be shocked after some while that you care about them and with time, they want to know your source. The devil can only act temporarily for real, all it takes from us is persistence!

Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time. (Revelations 12:12)- NKJV

You can’t clean a fish if you are still trying to catch it. The fish might look tough to catch, it might annoy you, but all it takes is persistence. Don’t give up on the fish, keep trying to catch it and after a lot of trials, you will catch and then you can start the cleaning. Let people see God in you, not you.

Life is not about you. That’s why I think the cross is really important. I was having quiet time and meditating on the cross, some days back and realized we have two main purposes. Relationship with God, the vertical part of the cross and relationship with man, the horizontal part. It’s the relationship with man that we take on Jesus, serve and love people as Christ loved us. We can’t live a self-centered life, you’ve been saved that’s fine, but it doesn’t stop there, others are dying to have your life but don’t know how to or are not informed. It’s our goal we reach out to them with love and have a listening ear.

Life is not for enjoyment; it is to build character and prepare us for heaven. So basically, we have to die to ourselves, our feelings and take on Jesus. We have to suffer even when we don’t deserve it. When we serve people and we are connected to our source, God, there will be joy in suffering, knowing this is only minor to the fun we will experience in eternity. Just meditate on Jesus life and see how yours reflects His.

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Also, a lot of people have a lot hidden inside and don’t know who to share it with, it only takes extra effort treating other people with love. There’s nothing like too many questions, when you care about someone, and you are passionate about a cause, you will ask enough questions that will help you achieve your goal.

Love will make you change your mind, love will make you go an extra mile, love will make you apologize even though you thought you were right, love will make you feed someone who cursed you out, love will make you call someone even though it makes you feel like the weaker one. Love finds a way.

You cannot be a big person with a small heart. Love and you will find out those people you thought where unlovable actually have a better or similar heart than those you loved. Your love was just all it took to conquer the enemy’s work in their lives and make them the most loving people. What joy and peace you will feel when you realize those that were unlovable are actually really loving because of the love you showed them. Make your life count!



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