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Surviving Long Distance Relationships 2


This is part 2 !! I didn’t want to write everything at once, because it would have been too long, considering I had a lot to write about on this topic. If you haven’t read part 1, please read that before this. This is just a continuation. In part 1, I highlighted three keys to surviving a long-distance relationship; Mindset, Communication and Trust. I will highlight four more in this post, so read on!!

4) Respect and understand

Life gets really really busy, and there will be times when you just want to talk to the other, but they have things to do, which can get you on your toes and moody. Respect that and don’t get frustrated or put blames like you’re always busy. You miss your partner and all that good stuff, but you need to be understanding, respectful and patient. No one wants a partner who nags every now and then. Set some ground rules, things you can or cannot do and establish yourself in the relationship. Also during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or valentine’s day, emotions fly. You both need to understand this is normal and make extra efforts to be there for the person somehow, not physically if you can’t do that but play a huge role on that occasion. If it’s talking to your partner more than you usually do on a normal day, surprising them, anything at all to reaffirm your love for each other.

5) Plan ahead

Plan visits ahead for peace of mind and having something exciting to look forward to. That motivates you and sets your mindset on when you will see each other. If it’s really long distance, it needs planning and structure, don’t just wing it. If you’re in college, you know when you are going to be on holidays. If you’re working, you know how many days you get off, or weekends. Booking your flight early and all that really helps and would save you some costs. Because it might be quite expensive and you start thinking, is this person worth my money. Just for you knowing emotionally you will see your partner, keeps the relationship going.

6) Romantic gestures

“I love you so much”, and all that is nice, but it’s really not enough. You can surprise them by flying, or getting someone close by to send them gifts. Leave him/her a little note or letter once in a while, telling him/her how much you value and appreciate them. Just little things to show your love and appreciation. Distance should know no bounds. Do something extra. It might be actually better being in a long distance than not because there is something to look forward to and when you are together, every moment matters! There’s no time to argue or get upset over little things, you just want to spend quality time and make the best use of the time you both have together.

On the other hand, if you are not in a long distance relationship, you become used to the person, and you guys do things together frequently. This might become a routine after some while.(in my opinion)  Of course, there are still things that can be done to keep the relationship fresh, but you get the point I’m trying to pass across.


7) Sacrifice

You need to understand your partner, know what phase they are in life and know the end goal. Every long distance relationship must have an end goal. Does your significant other live away permanently or are they just there temporary?  Is it school, that’s making them far away or work. If they are there permanently, then at some point you both need to figure out, who is going to make the move. If not, having a clear timeline of these phases and knowing that the distance is temporary is really important. If you are going to embark on a long distance relationship, you must be able to sacrifice because you don’t want to look down the road and have regrets. I mean, love is sacrifice!

Haha… it’s not the best thing being in a long distance relationship but if it happens, at least, you have an idea of how to go about it and you appreciate your partner more. There are better times to come!




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