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Know your value

When we speak of the value of something, we often consider it to be a relative term. One that has shifting factors. For example, I got a jacket for a friend for thirty-nine dollars, and a week later it was nineteen ninety-nine. The jacket didn’t change, but its’ perceived worth did.


Now, consider your worth. Are the factors that determine your values based on variable and shifting factors or are they based upon fixed factors? Seems to be a silly question, doesn’t it? Fixed, of course! But, if the answer is so glaringly obvious, why do we struggle so much with feelings of worthlessness? Why do we walk around feeling like that price marked jacket? I think it’s because we often allow variable earthly factors to define our worth.

Have you ever noticed that Rolls Royce and Bentley don’t have commercials? REASON: They know that the value of their product brings customers to them. LESSON: When you know your value, you don’t have to beg people to like you, to be your mate, to spend time with you or to love you. Be confident in who GOD made you be. If you woke up this morning, you woke up with favour and purpose. Stop trying to find love. Those people who don’t believe in you will one day be telling people how they met you. Everyone cannot afford the LUXURY of your friendship/partnership. Learn to love yourself, know your value and the rest will fall into place.


83842b3ace6cc224aca5949eb77eb64e.jpgIf you don’t know your worth and value, somebody else is going to determine that for you. So it’s so important you get before the Lord, you go whole before Him and know who you are in Christ because that’s where your identity comes from. Every other thing will leave you hopeless and broken.

Personally, until I understood what God’s love was for me, I was doing everything else for someone to love me. You have to find your place in God; that’s how I found my place and it’s working!. I’m sure others can testify to the same thing. Stop looking for confirmation in everyone else but God to catapult you into your season of winning. If you know what you’re worth, there are a lot of things you won’t put up with. That’s why I tell people, to discover themselves first, know who you are, know your purpose. Once you have that figured out, things fall into place. People say experience teaches you, but it’s not always your experience, learn from others. You don’t have to go through things before you realize it. Trust me going through some things, can scar you. So you’re better off learning from others than going through what they went through.

I’m not going to try to convince you that I know everything there is to know about feeling like a woman of worth or about being a woman of worth. In fact, the more I know God, the less inclined I am to pretend to have life or faith figured out. I’m constantly tempted to define my worth with activities, emotions, and accomplishments. I’ve come to realize, however, that way of thinking is a spiritual dead end road. Scripture tells us that anything we do in our own strength or of our own goodness is of no value to God.

“All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6a).

What I DO know is this: because of Jesus Christ, I’m a woman of highest worth. Not because of anything else. We are His sons and daughters, made in His image, precious in His sight. In light of this, we need to set aside feelings that diminish our value and embrace our proper identity: Child of the King of Kings.


Hear this, feelings of worthlessness are from Satan himself. It burns me up that the enemy has such a strong grip on people in this area. We need to associate the word worthless with the wordlie.That’s exactly what it is, a big, fat lie! God wants every one of us to experience hope and healing in Christ and have an appropriate sense of self-worth.




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