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Pink Lips and Empty Hearts




Okay…This book left me speechless. The title already says “Buy me!”

I saw a picture of the cover page on Instagram, and I became interested in the book. Then after, a couple of friends started talking about it. I didn’t think twice about buying it because I knew God had something to say to me in that book. I finished it in 3 days, and I loved it. It was honest, it was short and precise, it was heartfelt, and it was saturated in God’s grace love and wisdom.

HEATHER-profile-226x300HEATHER LINDSEY is an author, wife, mother and founder of Pinky Promise, an organization that promotes honoring God with your life & body whether single or married. She relentlessly teaches women that their value and worth comes from Christ and nothing else. The book starts off with her life story. Like millions of women, Heather Lindsey wanted to have it all together. But as life continued to go on, she found herself searching to fill her insecurities with temporary voids and ended up broken, rejected, exhausted and frustrated. Desperate to let God change her from the inside out. She shares her story, struggles, and triumphs as she went from having Pink Lips & an Empty Heart to having Pink Lips and a Heart that is completely surrendered to God.

The book focuses on the following key areas:

* Be content whether you are single or married
* How to develop a deep, intimate relationship with Christ
* Resist the desire to compare your life to others
* Prioritize your day to day life busy schedule
* Develop in the gifts that God placed inside of you
* BONUS: Practical tips on hair, beauty and other money saving resources

I highly recommend this book to every girl/woman; single, in a relationship or recently married. It was so encouraging and not only focuses on finding a man but being content on working on you and your relationship with Christ to find peace while you’re ‘waiting’ on your ‘Adam’. I love Heather’s transparency and honesty. Her style of writing is fun, conversational and uplifting. She doesn’t try hard to be eloquent; she writes it as it is, as if you can hear her speaking to you. She stays positive but manages to keep it real without being condescending! She writes like a friend having a conversation with you, and it makes it easy for the pages to keep turning. I love how she tells about her personal relationship with Christ, followed by scripture, and how it all relates to today.

She touches on all sorts of themes that revolve around, relationships, self-love, marriage, submission, waiting on God’s time, music, television shows, friends, men, beauty, and sex. Oh yes, sex is definitely one of her strongest themes, like ah! But I think these entire themes orbit around God and our hearts. Ultimately the purpose of the book is to encourage us to turn our hearts to God and live a meaningful life.. To give Him our empty hearts and ask Him to fill them with His will and Love. She wants us to stop turning to men, lust, money, and beauty to fill our empty hearts but to turn to Jesus. She uses her life, as I mentioned before to show us how her sinful habits were as a result of an empty heart desiring love and affection…and only Jesus can satisfy that.

A few of my favourite quotes from the book were:

You can either pursue the will that God has already laid out for you, or you can pursue your own.”

You have a daily choice to live for God or for yourself and if you keep choosing yourself, you will suffer.” –deep!

If you knew the destination of your sin, would you still choose to do it?” – err I think not!

And this is one of my favourite long ones:

It is not enough for you to tell me that you choose Christ if you live like you chose another god. The proof is found in your private victories. It’s when you pass those tests and die to yourself daily and take up your cross and follow Christ. It’s found in those times where you’re not sitting in the pews looking spiritual, but when you’re on your face before God in your secret place- longing and calling out for His presence to wreck and change your heart until it breathes His Heart.” – truth!

I think the key chapters that convicted me most were ‘What’s in Your Heart?’ and ‘Submission’; mainly because they were cut throat. She spoke about questioning if your heart is really for God. She touches on the role of wives and women submitting to their husbands and submitting to God. Laying God’s will down first and going about it. She touched on intense but necessary areas.

Finally, I think the last chapter on God’s Timing was brilliant. She reminds us that we must accept and trust that His timing is perfect, and it most certainly is. We can’t fast forward to what He has laid down before us.

Pink lips and Empty Hearts has opened my eyes about my relationship with God. I think every woman can relate to this book. I loved reading this book, every time I spent reading it, I gained something and most importantly what I gained from this was submission to God first, submitting to God first means that everything in our life will fall into place. It is also awesome to know that no matter where we are…we are not alone. God’s timing is perfect and we only need to learn to seek His heart and He will handle the rest! She also gives some beauty tips! Heather’s insight is amazing! Worth the read,  a must read! It was convicting, witty and funny! Do yourself a favor and purchase it, you will not regret it, I “pinky promise!” 🙂

Also, take a look at her blog: to get a feel of how and what she writes about. God is so wonderful!





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