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Seasonal Friendships


Some of us have maybe a lot of friends, perhaps friends from school, or work, or we go to church together, or whatever the case is, but we need to realize some of those relationships are seasonal or situational. These are people we see almost every time, so it’s convenient for us to talk and easy to be friends. But if for some reason you live school, your workplace or your city, are those people still with you? People are going to leave your life in different seasons of their lives and yours as well, and it’s not a bad thing. You just have to thank God for the seasons when they were in your life and don’t be bitter or mad.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven..a time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-6)

In everything there are seasons. Life is a cycle on its own. We change our wardrobe every now and then based on the season. We replace winter clothes, with spring/summer clothes, throw out the things we haven’t worn in a while, those tops that are too small, or maybe you reorganize it to suit the season. Well, the same principle can apply to the friendships we have. Not every friendship is there to last forever


As we grow, people change, priorities change and so inevitably people grow apart. It can be hard to accept the end of a friendship or even accept that a friendship is no longer serving a good purpose, which is when we should let it go. Sentiment gets in the way, and we make excuses to hold onto the people we should otherwise let go of.

If this is the year you have decided to make some life changes, you cannot afford not to ask yourself whether your friendships should change. The people we keep around us all serve a purpose, and if they are blocking your progression instead of encouraging it then you need to leave them, or reassess their place in your life.


It takes a certain level of maturity and self-awareness to accept when a friendship is over or needs to be re-organised. Personally, I have had the same set of close friends for a very long time, and of course, over the years there have been people I have been extremely close to for a season (i.e., my time at college/university) and then not so much after that. There have also been some people who decided to take a different life path to my own which didn’t align with the plans I had for my own life, and I didn’t want that around me.

What factors affect my decisions to move away from them?  There are loads of reasons, which I would address in a different post. But know this, vision dictates your values. It chooses your lifestyle. How you should behave and what type of standards you should live by. Once you know where you want to go in life, it decides your company. A friend is anyone who is willing and committed to helping you get to your destiny.  If the person you are evaluating does not align with that definition, then they are just an acquaintance or someone you help/disciple.

You see no matter how we try to deceive ourselves, our friends can have a strong influence on the decisions we make, the way we think and behave so if you only take one thing from this post it would be – be careful who you give the power of influence to




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