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Words travel


We live in a world where words are in abundance, yet sincerity is in rations. As the technology age arises and people get more involved with the use of social media, a lot of words and slang come into play. We must be very careful of what we say because words travel. Words captivate and control the human emotions. They anger us; make us rejoice; make us cry; and make us hope. We’re constantly judging our happiness based on the words given from someone.

Words can break people. Words not used in the correct way bring wreck, havoc, and disharmony to those whom the words are fired towards. So many people out there, that have committed suicide or have been destroyed because of words. However, one good, edifying word brings joy and hope to those who need it most. Be really careful on what you let out of your mouth.

In two of my previous posts, I wrote about values (Know your valueWho defines your worth?) Most people don’t realize their value because of the words that they’ve heard and has sunk deep into them, and then they try looking for confirmation in the wrong people or thing. That’s why it is very important to know who you are. Knowing who you are, limits words from getting into your heart and breaking you. We should be really careful about what we say, something as simple as “you’ve lost weight,” can carry different meanings, and evoke feelings from another. We should always think before talking, and it’s not everything that’s meant to be said. An average girl loves talking and telling others how she feels, but we should reduce what we say and think more.

Your words can greatly impact your social sphere. A well-placed compliment can create a best friend, it can build a friendship, it can get you a date! Too foolish and off hand comments make and destroy friendships. And some of us have lost friendships, over a sentence. The words you speak transform the life you liveYour tongue can control the direction of your life. It can get you a job, it can get you fired, it can get you slapped.

Words are a gift from God. As we’ve seen God was the first to harness the creative force of words. He said let there be light and there was light. Given the substantial nature of this gift, we can’t just throw our words any way we please, they contain power. Words can hurt. I bet you don’t have any problem remembering the last harsh words that were spoken to you or the last encouraging words you received. The way you choose to communicate will ultimately affect every area of your life.

Also, some people have used “It’s just my opinion” as an excuse to get away with words. It’s not every opinion that needs to be voiced, especially if your opinion can affect a large group of people. Yes, there’s freedom of speech but remember what goes around, comes around. Think about if someone said what you said about you, how would you take it? It’s so easy to say, don’t backbite, but even the smallest words we utter carry meaning. We should also avoid sarcasm and harsh words masked as jokes. Jokes or sarcasm is the most common mistake people make.


Trust me, the people in your life already know what their problems and weaknesses are, they don’t need you to tell them. What if you practiced speaking encouragement to everyone you encounter? Instead on focusing on what they do wrong and nitpicking their faults, what if you start treating them as if they were all they could be? What if your words grew out of the vision of their fulfilled potential instead of their current reality.? You’d be respected, and life will be meaningful.



3 thoughts on “Words travel”

  1. God bless you for this Emikele.
    Jesus who is our always perfect example said in John 6:63 The word I have spoken to you they are full of spirit and life! Let us emulate Jesus (by the grace of God) and speak words that are full of spirit and truth, not condemning and insulting people and even ourselves. The power of life and death and is in the tongue [Proverbs 18:21]

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  2. Thank you for highlighting the ways in which we should caution our tongue. I hope that as Christians, we continue to learn that our voices are powerful and our words are being heard/watched out for, so we have to be careful.
    God bless you xx

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