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Let’s talk about COMPARISON

“I can’t do what others do,” “There’s someone better for this..” “I’m not talented enough”…. Have you ever found yourself saying any of these?

We live in a world whereby a lot of things go on,  where we get a snapshot into everybody’s life, too much information thrown at us and we easily get lost in everybody’s individuality. We forget that people are at different phase of their life, and it’s easy to fall into that trap of comparing.  Day in, day out you’re just unsatisfied with your look, where you are, and you compare yourselves with others who “seem” to have everything working out for them.


Have you ever stopped to think,  “If there’s something I don’t like going on with me, would I want the whole world to know?”… I don’t think so. That’s the same way others think. We are the creator of our choices. People will only show you what they choose to show you. They show you the “highs” of their life and leave out the rest. And there we go, wanting to be like them, and praying to be like them. But only if we knew what they were going through, cos that prayer might just turn out to be a curse. I’m not saying we shouldn’t admire people. Definitely, celebrate God in people but don’t get to a point where you beat yourself over certain things that go on around you that make you lose confidence, and then get fed up with life. 

Did you know that ALL of those thoughts are being used to distract you from the WILL of God for your life by destroying your confidence? If you don’t believe that you are “good” enough, you most likely won’t believe that God can really USE you. You’ll get stuck in this circle of inferiority for the rest of your life and remain AVERAGE. 

Take for example Moses; he was a stammerer, but God used him for great exploits. What he forgot to realize is that it wasn’t about him. God had to remind Moses on who his confidence had to be based on- Him! He didn’t qualify for it. You don’t qualify for it either, which makes you want to compare. God qualified him. God qualifies you!

Who made you the way you are?  WHO are you to criticize the way you look or talk about anybody else? On the last day of creation, God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness” (Genesis 1:26). If you are made in the image of God Almighty, He didn’t make any mistakes. God is not surprised by your hips, lips, eyes, face or any part of your body. So for you to sit up and talk about anybody else, his or her personality & style is NONE of your business.

God made you look the way you do for your very purpose. You are beautifully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14). Your talents, gifts and everything on the inside of you is NOT a mistake. God placed those desires in you and attached your personality to complete your very purpose. Don’t get carried away by the fantasies you see going on around you. They are living their life, and you have yours to live. Are you going to waste it or make the best use of it? 

When you doubt the product, it insults the manufacturer. You’ve got to come to a place in your life that you honestly believe that if God left it out of you, it is not needed to fulfill or accomplish your destiny. When you imply you are deficient, it says something about what you think about God’s ability. So stop trying to be like everyone else.

Part of being a free moral agent is that you have a CHOICE. You can eat terrible food all day, never work out and never spend time with God and feel horrible about yourself & pretty much be average. Or you can spend time with God, learn what clothes works for you, eat healthy, work out & live an abundant life. It isn’t rocket science. NO to the doughnut, YES to the fruit. Don’t tell me what you CANNOT do because you are doing what you want to do. Just say you don’t want to do it. The enemy’s role is to get you to compare cos he knows once he can get a hold of you in that area, he can limit you.

Please don’t be insecure and stop comparing. You’re worth it 💜 Everything is in the mind. The way you see life is what you feed your mind with daily. Having the right perspective and knowing your source helps a lot. You’re made to make an impact, let your light shine and don’t get carried away with other lights that are shining and then lose focus, cos then their lights will dim yours, and it’s a lose-lose situation. Know your purpose, know your value and remain focused.



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