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I recently found this tag on YouTube and decided to do this fun tag. (S/O to Tosin Alabi on YouTube) You all need to check out her YouTube Page, amazing contents on there. I’ll put a link below.

This is my own little way of getting the gospel out there. I challenge anyone who reads this, to do one and tag me in it, please. Enjoy!!!

1. When did you give your life to Christ?

I gave my life to Christ 2 years ago on Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 and we are still going strong!  I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s been the sweetest years so far.

2. How did your family receive your conversion?

I’ve always been brought up in a Christian family and left to them I’ve always been this good, respectful child. I’m not disputing that, but there’s a difference between Morality and Spirituality (which I will address in a different post). They believed I had found Christ but not really had I. It was all religion till I had a strong desire to really walk this walk, not just talk the walk. Then they started seeing fruits and have been grateful to God ever since for His grace because it is truly a gift.


3. When is your favorite time to fellowship with God?

My favorite time to fellowship with God is early in the morning around 5 am or 6 am. When everywhere is still quiet. Sometimes it’s a struggle to wake up that early to spend time with Abba, but I’ve disciplined myself to keep up with that time. If worse comes to worse, I make sure I give my first minutes/hours of my day to God, regardless of what time I’m up. A lot of things consume my day, so if I didn’t spend time with God then, it would be hard to find time later on and I’ll find myself under pressure and not at peace. But casting any burdens of the day to God before they occur, I feel a sense of joy and peace, and I know He is holding my hand directing me through my day.

4. How often do you pray?

I pray without ceasing. Every time and anytime. My life is constantly in a prayer mode. I see prayer as a constant conversation and not a formal plan. I set specific times of the day tho,  to pray for specific issues so by 12 pm and 3 pm but I literally spend the day with God. I live a life of worship.

5. What is your favorite book/books of the bible?

My favorite books of the Bible change with different seasons, but the ones I always find myself going back to are Romans and all the -ians. You can never go wrong with those!! They are just morals for daily living and I recommend them to New converts, and yeah add John to it. Proverbs is also a daily favorite; you need those daily nuggets of wisdom.

6. What church do you attend?


I attend House of Praise.  A church that empowers people to achieve their dreams and fulfill destiny. Here, there is a practical and relevant application of the Word of God. It’s where I am planted, where I can add value and I’ve grown so much since I started going there. God is really there, and anyone who is a member can testify to that. It’s in Toronto, so if you’re anywhere close, you definitely want to visit and experience God on a whole different level. By the way, there’s an event we have every year to usher in the new year; It’s called Open Heavens!! This year we have Kirk Franklin joining us with other guest artists. Join over 10,000 worshipers in what will be a memorable event. Completely FREE, Jesus paid for it all!! You can’t miss this for anything! Watch out for more details on this space.

7. How would you describe your relationship with God?

My relationship with God is actually INDESCRIBABLE. I see Him as my Father, my Friend, my Savior, my Helper and every other thing in between. There are times that it is pure laughter between us. When you look at the challenges you face, how you overcame and you think of how worried you were, it’s just a time to laugh and say God sometimes I don’t understand why you do certain things but I love it. In the midst of challenges, He is my father; things get serious, and I just need Him to explain things to me and help me through it all. He is mostly my friend that I talk to every day, anytime and anywhere. He knows me more than anyone else, even more than I know myself, and I find that awesome. I’ve grown to that point where I don’t just see Him as a superior being (not present physically), I have a picture of Him in my head, and we live life together. I really can’t describe it but it’s an incredible relationship!

8. What challenge/challenges have you faced on your walk with God?

This walk is not easy and has a lot of sacrifices. I struggled a lot with my relationship with God, spending time with God, letting Him talk and allowing Him to speak through me. Struggled with having revelations from the Word on my own, obeying them and trusting the process  but God has been faithful. I have come to realize that, the Christian race is dying to self daily and making a conscious decision to have a relationship with my maker, being aware of my shortcomings and stepping up to represent Him.

9. What are your spiritual goals?

I intend to deepen my relationship with God, gain more revelation knowledge, hear from Him more clearly and trust every process especially when it doesn’t make sense what He is telling me to do. I intend to exercise my place in the body of Christ, save souls, succeed in my calling and above all grow in my anointing.

10. Advice for a new convert?

Be humble, lay yourself before God and let Him know you cannot do it without Him, because you actually can’t. Allow Him to lead you. Spend time with Him every day!! It’s not a one-day thing. Sometimes you may fall, but don’t beat yourself over that and think I’ve fallen what’s the point. His grace is more than sufficient. He loves you more than you know it. It is lies from the pit of hell, to think one bad thing makes you worthless. A baby doesn’t start walking all at once, he crawls, then tries to stand, falls severally but doesn’t give up, ends up standing and then walks. That’s how this walk is. You can’t just mature in one day; it’s a daily process. Bottom line is that you learn from your mistakes and move forward. You should be a better person tomorrow than you were the previous day. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Ask for wisdom and have a discerning spirit. Surround your self with people that will help you in this walk. Life is not meant to be done alone, you need relationships but solid ones that move you to your ultimate destination.

It’s not easy, and it never will be. I see life as a test; we will all have battles we have to face. The bottom line is to let those battles shape you and make you stronger and don’t let them consume you cos in as much as you want to grow, the devil is also battling to have you. So it’s a war, and you have to be conscious of it. The best thing is that you don’t have to fight it on your own. Once you have Jesus on your side, the battle has already been won, but you can only have Him by constantly having a relationship with Him. That way, He works through you, providing you with strength and wisdom you need, in the process building up character to live a meaningful life and make an impact on earth because that’s what we’ve been called to do. The goal of life is not accomplishments, acquisitions, pleasures, the goal of life is to know God and to use the talents and gifts to serve others because that builds character for eternity.



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