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It’s 2017! A new year, a remarkable chapter!


Another year’s gone by, and everyone’s having a reflective moment. Here’s a short message from me to you…

Make 2017 look like 5 years. Decide to do so much in this year with so much focus and concentration that people got to think if you lived 5 years in 1 year and that can happen if you decide to follow God’s purpose for your life. Don’t waste any time in 2017.

Choose friends that will help you get to your goal, read books that will take you to your destiny and eat things that will keep your body in shape to get there. There are some friends you’ve got to drop at 12 midnight tonight if you’re going to make it to your dream and there are some new friends that you have to associate with to get to your destination. Your future is not ahead of you, it’s inside of you. Have the right perspective.

Time is divided into days, weeks and years so that we can live life in doses. Time was given to us to provide closure to failure and success. Even if you’ve succeeded in this past year, you should not live on those successes. The greatest enemy of progress is your last success. Don’t let your success or failure in 2016 prevent your new success in 2017.

If you’re going to face the future with confidence you have to be convicted in your heart that your future is actually God’s past. No manufacturer makes a product without finishing it first. Whatever you were born to do, God finished it first. When God decided what he wanted you to become then he created you. Your present is carrying the future everyday.

God has some things planned for you that if He told you all of them it will blow your mind. Your future is far better than what you’re doing right now. God’s book for your life is already finished. Some people in chapter 1, others in chapter 3. 2017 is simply a chapter in the book.

Some of us are trying to figure out how we will get resources we need to achieve our dreams. God is going to finance your investment that He put in your life because He is committed to his future He put inside your life. Don’t worry about tuition payment and how you will get those resources. You will get it because if it is God’s mission for your life, the provision is already in the year. Your source is God, and your resource is waiting for you.

Your future is more important than your past. Some of us are so committed to our past failures that we have no time to move into the future. Your future is unlived. You can do more with your future than you can do with your past. You cannot do nothing with your past. You cannot fail if God is working out His own purpose for your life.

Your future is not dependent on Trump’s decision, not dependent on the economy but dependent on God who’s working out his plan for you. God owns the whole continent and He can shift things, move people, rearrange things for you just to bring to pass His purpose in your life.

God does not lie. Jeremiah 15:11. He can cause your enemies to support you and finance your future. The past is a portion of your future lived. It is not your life. Stop considering your past, your life.

Life is not just about you. Relationships go a long way in shaping you. In every relationship, there would always be an opportunity to be a blessing to others. Don’t shy away from that responsibility. Everybody has a need. Whatever you are going through does not give you a right to restrict other people. This year, make it a priority to give like you never have. Yes, you need help, but also meet the needs of others so God can meet yours. The happier you make other people, the happier you’ll be in your own life because we reap what we sow.

All of us have seen our purpose but we can’t believe that’s us because our society tells us not to think that big. Believe what you are dreaming. Never trust your eyes over your vision. Vision is in the heart. Vision shows you what could be, sight shows you what is. If what you see is not what you saw, then what you see is temporary. You are on your way to something greater.

With these few pointers God laid on my heart to share, here’s me wishing you a prosperous 2017. Rest on God completely and He will exceed your expectations. All it takes is a relationship with Him, obedience, trust, faith and patience. God bless you!



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