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Peace stealers 


Some months back, I wrote a note to encourage myself, and I have a strong feeling that someone needs to see this too. Hopefully, it helps you.

Have you ever seen yourself helping people and pouring into others and you feel it’s a burden on your life or you’re not taking care of yourself? You just can’t help it, meeting the needs of others? Seeing to others needs is a great attribute to have, in fact, we’re called to serve others and make someone else live a better life. But as for anything in life, there must be a balance. You can’t help others at the expense of not caring for yourself. You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. It’s when you invest in your life that it reflects on others.

What you need to understand is…

Life is full of peace stealers. There would always be people and circumstances trying to pull you out. If you’re going to live in peace, you got to put up some boundaries and not allow everything in.

You can’t fulfill your assignment trying to please everyone. If you are trying to keep everyone happy, the one person who won’t be happy is you.

I’ll rather have people upset with me than to not become who I was created to be.

If you don’t get the wrong people out of your life, you’ll never meet the right ones. Especially in your inner circle, the people who are closest to you, need to be stable, consistent, happy, godly, responsible people that move you towards your destiny. Like iron sharpens iron, you make each other better.

You are not responsible for other people’s happiness. Don’t let their unhappiness keep you from being happy. You are not a garbage can, and you have to protect your peace. Like a business, you need to have hours of operation. Times when you’re open and times when you’re closed. Don’t let their crisis steal your peace. Your destiny is too important to let people who are not dealing with their issues, hold you back.

God didn’t call you to keep everyone happy.

Sure do your part, be a giver, go the extra mile but don’t become a garbage dump where you allow someone to always dump their burdens on you. You have to protect your emotional energy. You have a limit supply each day. If you are taken in all these extra dramas, involved in things you should never participate in, you are not going to have the emotional energy for what you need.



I’m not saying to be selfish; I’m saying be wise!! You can’t fix everyone. You can’t make people do what’s right. You are not called to straighten everyone out. You are not a savior; we already have The Savior!

I’ve learned that some people really don’t want to change. They like the attention it brings to have you at their beck and call. Sometimes instead of helping them we are really enabling their dysfunction and doing them a disservice. If they can’t reach you every 3 minutes, maybe they’ll learn to encourage themselves. Life is too short to go through it being controlled. You shouldn’t spend all your time trying to straighten everyone out.

Sometimes you have to make hard decisions to reach your destiny.



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