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Freedom Like No Other: The Power of Conviction


Praise Jesus, our first love! I thank Him daily for calling me out of the darkness and into light. I thank Him daily for opening up my understanding unto a greater calling. Rather than to entangle myself in all the vanities under the sun, He has called me to be formed in His image and to awake in His likeness. Praise God!

2014 was the year great conviction began in my heart. In John 16:8, Jesus explains that when the Holy Spirit comes, He will reprove the world of sin and righteousness and judgment. That verse explains what I mean by conviction began in me. I suddenly felt a heavy burden about my thoughts, actions, and words. I began to question my ways, I asked myself; “these things I do, are they not recorded in the Bible as wrong?” I would ask my friend; “do you pray to God? So how do you have confidence in your prayers when you still abide in sin? Isn’t your conscience disturbed by the sin?

To my discomfort, no one around me was being convicted the same way I was, and it almost felt like I had to question my sanity. Nonetheless, I decided to take things into my own hands. I began cutting off every sin in my life. The drinking, the clubbing, the secular music, the intimate relationships. Of course, not too long after, I fell back into all those sins, and things became even worse than before. Jesus says when you clean out your house and leave it empty, seven other worse demons find their way in. That was the case with my house, and I began to battle with those seven other demons, yet, I found myself back to square one!!! Something was missing…

I’ve always been the type to look for God. As a kid, I would tell my mum to take me to church and would end up going with one of her friends. When I came to Canada, I went to all manner of churches looking for God. I went to over five different denominations, but I was never satisfied. I hadn’t found what I was searching for. Until the summer of 2016, I was in my room reading the book of John when I came across John 1:14 “and the word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.” I literally had a rapture of understanding. That was not the first time I had read that verse, but this time, something different happened within me. This verse asked me, do you believe Jesus is God made flesh? Do you believe God came down to show you the way, the truth, and life?

freedomI was like “Wow!“ I texted my friend, “Jesus is God in the flesh?” It was as though I was an orphan who suddenly found out her dad is alive. I was so excited! That realization of the power of Jesus and that Jesus Christ is God filled my once empty house with all manner of jewels and precious stones. Literally in one evening, all those sins that chained me to the world were broken. I will never fall back into bondage, and it’s been a very wonderful eight months with Christ. I am literally smiling as I write this because of how grateful my heart is. It’s like I can now rest no matter what winds blow at my house because my foundation is Christ and I cannot be moved.


Today I sing Amazing Grace with a different understanding. Also, the youths from church and I hold a Holy Spirit filled fellowship at my place in Hamilton every Friday evening. I owe a lot to the youths from Toronto Fellowship, as they don’t know how God has kept me using them. I also thank God for the wonderful adults he has surrounded me with from church as well; they don’t know that God has used them to change the lives of generations within me. Listen, I cannot begin to write what God has worked in me the past eight months. It’s too much, and it will continue to be too much until I awake in his likeness. Praise God!

For all those seeking to find themselves in Christ, understand John 15:16, God says you have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit that your fruit should remain. This means it is not by your power but by the grace of God. You don’t choose God; He chooses you. Keep waiting on Him, and He will come for you.

For those struggling with their faith, understand John 6:39, Jesus says all those who the Father has given Him, it is His duty to lose none but that He will raise each and every one of us on the last day. Again, it is not by your power but by the grace of God. Continue to put God first and have rest within your heart.

To encourage all, 1 Kings 2:3 says,

Keep the charge of the LORD thy God, walking in his ways, keeping his statutes and his commandments and his rights and his testimonies, as it is written in the law of Moses, that thou may have understanding in all that thou doest and in everything that thou dost undertake…

Keep the charge of the LORD. Pray, worship, read the Bible, go to church, attend fellowship, contribute at church, plead the blood of Jesus. Do all that requires you to keep the temple of God running and well maintained. Perform all this according to the directions given by the Holy Spirit, and you will not miss it.

If you would like to check out the Hamilton Fellowship. Contact me at 9059624473.

God bless you,

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