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Receiving good advice



We all have people who advise us. Sometimes we get good advice and sometimes it’s bad. The quality of your life sometimes is determined by the people who speak into your life, the people who advise you, the people whose counsel you treasure and the people who help you to make decisions. At every point in your life, you’ll have to make a decision and most times we consult someone to ask for their opinion. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask them; they’ll give you their opinion anyway.

In my previous post, I wrote about mentorship. This post complements that, so if you haven’t read that, please take time out to read that as well, here

Not all mentors are good mentors. You have to be able to discern, hence I decided to talk about that in this post.

prov1114Although there is a multitude of counselors, you have to bring God into the picture. It’s good to have people to counsel you and advise you, but you have to submit them to the counsel of God. It’s good to have many counselors, but the quality of those counselors are crucial. Some people enrich our lives by their counsel, and some people deplete our lives by the information they give to us.

To receive good advice, you have to consider your own limitations. One of the ways to determine if you are wise or foolish is if you always think you’re right. If you always think, you’re right then you are not wise. You don’t know everything either do you see all angles. There will always be something you don’t know, an experience you’ve not gone through or a perspective you don’t see. We are also limited in competence, what we are trained to do. You can’t do what you are not trained to do. No amount of education you have will allow you know all things because education in itself will specialize you in a specific area. If you are a doctor, you’re not a lawyer. If you are a lawyer, you’re not a carpenter. You need someone to help you because you are limited.

To get good advice, you have to choose WISE counselors. They help you see a bigger picture of what you’re dealing with. We all have blind spots, so what a counselor does is to hold a mirror and show you the part of yourself, you don’t see. Each one of them reflects something in your life that you don’t fully appreciate. One shows your left, the other your right, another your front, another your back. And that’s why in the multitude of counselors, there’s safety. When you have a multitude of them, you see a clearer and perfect picture. Don’t just listen to one person’s view to make a decision because you need a multitude of counselors

Qualities of a counselor

111Good character: Look at the person’s character. Check their track record. Are they morally upright?

Practical wisdom: The person should have experience in that area. If you want your business to work, talk to someone whose business is working. If you want your relationship to work, talk to someone whose marriage is working; someone that has been married for a length of time. If you need financial advice, real estate advice, talk to someone in that area of competence.

download (1)Ability to keep secrets: When you seek counsel, you don’t want to give half truths. You want to open up your life carefully. You want to give the person who is advising you enough information so that they can make you make the right decision. Don’t ask for advice from someone who talks too much. If you are asking advice from someone and the person is using other people’s story to advise you, remember that yours will be used as well to advise someone else. The person can draw from other stories anonymously to advise you, and that’s fine, but when names are involved, then you’re at risk. If they talk about other people, they are going to talk about you. If you are in a position whereby people entrust information to you, you have to lock that information. If you can’t handle it, tell the person, you can’t handle it.

Thank you card

I want to use this medium to thank everyone who has been involved in this site, in one form or the other. I continually pray that the information you get here would be put to good use and help you live a meaningful life. I pray God uses you as a vessel to draw more people to Him. ‘

If you have any suggestions, topics you want me to discuss, testimonies or anything at all, feel free to reach out to me on the contact tab or send an email to me God bless you



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