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Why Do Bad Things Happen?

It’s a flawed question. It’s difficult to truly answer. We can’t truly answer to everyone’s satisfaction. We may have opinions about the answer but it’s impossible for your opinion to agree with everyone else.

We don’t stop to ask if we are asking the right question. Maybe the question is based on flawed thinking. If you ask the wrong question, it doesn’t matter what the answer is. No matter what our theories are, we don’t always know what the purpose is but blaming God is sin.

The reality is that if you’re going love, you are going to hurt. If you are going to live life, you’ll experience tragedy. That’s the nature of life. All these balls down to sin. His perfect will wasn’t like this. God might not show you why but He will sustain and strengthen you whether that was the purpose or not.

Bad things happen because of

  • Sinful nature of men
  • Devil and demonic forces
  • Choices

To truly understand why all these happen, we need to go back to the source, the beginning. Satan was cast into hell because of his pride and rebellion (sin) Because God wants us to choose to love him, He gave them a choice. Without that choice, loving and obeying God will be the only option and therefore will not be real or authentic. Try forcing someone to love you and you’ll get the idea. Love allows free will.

Then why did God make us and what’s the purpose of serving Him?

God intended us to never die when He made us but Satan’s work was to kill steal and destroy and takes every opportunity to do just that. Because of sin, we’ve had a sinful nature we are born with and have a tendency to sin. God never intended it to be this way, we made it this way. What should God do about it? Should He kill someone before they do something sinful? Who will be left? God made the world but we together via our SIN AND SINFULNESS have made the world to what it is today with all that’s included. In other for God to completely prevent bad things from happening, He would have to remove the source of us, that is sin and sinfulness, what we are and what we do and He would have to remove us.


What if our choice is the cause?
rlc_crashGod is like the stop light. He represents the authority of that which is meant to protect you and others. He gives you go aheads, or cautions or warnings or stops and when He does that He would not force you to do any of those. We can choose to align with or obey any of those or we can choose to do our own thing and individually or corporately experience disastrous results.

Choice is important because some of the most cruel things in this world happened when people’s free will was taken from them. Love allows free will. God will never make us do what is right or love Him or make us stop sinning, we have the choice to do things and as long as we have these choice, sadly, there will continue to be bad things happening in the world.

God is wiser than you. He had a better idea than not given us choice. He had a contingency plan. He brought Jesus as an alternative to sin rather than wiping us all out of the world and violating His own word. The plan is to trust Him no matter what happens. What the enemy intends for evil, God can and will turn it for good. God’s plan is to heal you, help you, support you and forgive you. His plan is to banish evil and destroy death forever in your life. God’s plan wasn’t to temporary fix or just put a band-aid on this problem, but to go right to the source of it and fix it for good to a way that will last for eternity. He sent His only son Jesus to die once for all to pay the ultimate price of every sin. Jesus is sufficient for every tragedy you will ever experience.


Therefore running from God or Christianity is not the healer to understanding why bad things happen. You can only run temporarily because you’ll need Him or run to Him again someday. You’ll never understand why, so why not stick with Him to help you go through them and give you more blessings when it happens. Pride and asking wrong question is one thing that leads to our fall. Acknowledge God to be Lord over all and run this race with faith.

The truth is that we will all die some day. And it will be painful whether at an early age or an old age. Love is painful. It might be bad for you or good for God.
Now guess what, for those who believe in Him, death is simply a gateway to His presence. Is that miraculous or what?

eca64a4b6c0d2e5a479342e6d560c874You don’t understand, I don’t either. You don’t know why, neither do I. You don’t know what God is up to, I don’t either. You don’t know whether He will do what you are hoping He will do, I don’t either. But one thing I know for a fact and you should know is that His grace is sufficient for you.

Those who believe in Jesus and follow Him have an eternal hope that one day every pain, sorrow and tragedy that we experience will be gone. And if you are not yet in a relationship with God by faith in His son Jesus, that Hope, eternal Hope can be yours as well. Jesus is the hope for a world of pain, suffering and tragedy. Jesus is God’s answer to this.

Meditate on this, look today to Jesus friend, believe in Him, trust in Him, acknowledging Jesus as Savior and actively live by His ways and you’ll find that inner joy and peace that no man can give you. Weeping may endure for a night, but know one thing for sure, joy comes in the morning.

Lord may your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen




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