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Trusting God’s Timing

Why is everyone graduating and I’ve been stuck in school longer than I thought? Why is everyone getting job offers but I can’t get one? Why is it that everyone else is getting married and I’m not even in a relationship? Why are things not working out for me? Why am I not happy? God, when is my time? Ever had those thoughts?

We all have but we don’t have to entertain those thoughts. We all have things we are waiting on. Waiting for a dream to come to pass, waiting for our health to improve, or waiting to meet the right person. We know God put the promise in our hearts but we wonder why it’s taking so long.


If there’s a right time that means any other time is the wrong time. Every season is not a growing season, every season is not harvest; there are seasons of planting, watering, fertilizing, pulling off the weeds; those are important seasons. These are times of testing where we are showing God what we are made of. Satan is going to have you all sad and depressed. He doesn’t get you depressed at once, he takes time to study you and looks to see what gets to you, and continually messes with your mind till he makes you feel like a failure. If you don’t understand that God will always be right on time, then the delays and the waiting periods will cause you to be frustrated. It’s not enough to just trust God, you have to trust His timing.

If you constantly sit on your screen looking at people’s highlights reels on social media and comparing your life to theirs, rather than soaking yourself in God’s word to see what He says about you, you will be stuck and probably that’s a reason why you’ve not received your own blessing. You don’t see their struggles and what they’ve been through-and yes they have struggles, everyone does. The devil has blinded us to fantasies so we can’t move forward. Your job rather is to take the word of God and believe. Meditate on scriptures. The more pumped you are about His word, the less you’ll be worried about what you don’t have.

I remember how I waited for a while to get a job but God knew what He was up to. In final year, it was time to start looking for jobs; and everyone was looking to secure a full-time position after graduation. A lot of friends and classmates were securing full-time positions and here I was with nothing. There were times when I felt down trying to figure out when it will be my turn. Regardless, I didn’t allow that spite me, I still kept on with s good attitude, doing good and trusting God. I really wanted to start working, the latest in September in order to get into masters a year after, immigration purposes and other timelines I had to meet. After graduation, I still didn’t have a job. I didn’t get a job until two months after that, and the whole process leading to the job is another testimony for another day. It could only be God. The time between when I graduated and secured a full-time job was when I started this blog. If I didn’t have that time, I don’t think this blog would have started. This blog is a big deal because it has opened doors, I never thought possible which I would share in the near future. Not only did I secure a full-time position, but in a great company and one where two friends were working in. God ordered my steps to that company; that was where my business idea grew and I co-founded a business with a friend turned business partner who worked in that company. If our paths didn’t cross and we weren’t in the same location, I won’t have started my business when I did. The wait all worked together for good and made me birth this blog and Meso Eats.

Is there something you’ve been believing for, something you’ve been hoping for that’s taking longer than you expected? You might be tempted to just accept things the way they are. You might be tempted to think it’s never going to happen. If that’s you today, be encouraged because God is a finisher! He will complete what He’s started in you!


Worrying means you do not trust God, you need to find out who He really is and how faithful He is to supply all your needs. Studying the word allows you grow your confidence and trust the future. Your part is to believe. Your part is to keep your eyes on Him. When you meditate on God’s word day and night, you’ll be like a tree planted by the rivers of waters that bring forth fruit in ITS SEASON (Psalm 1:2). It doesn’t say 365 days a year, implying that there will be waiting periods and periods of no growth where you don’t see anything happen. If God is going to take you to a higher level, it’s going to require more character, commitment, and discipline. When you were small, your dad didn’t give you car keys because you were young. Giving you a car or car keys then would be a curse rather than a blessing. Sometimes, God shows His love for us not by what He gives us but by what He withholds. God knows what we can handle, so sometimes in order to protect us, He says “not now”. No doesn’t mean never, it means it’s not the right time. God can see the big picture, He knows what you are going to need. You might think you’re ready but you don’t know how high, He’s planning to take you. Sometimes God is saying not now because somebody else that’s going to be involved in the process is not ready. Your job is to pray for God to convict hearts of those involved and for a speedy process. One good break, one phone call, meeting one right person, you’ll come out of your waiting period into seasons of blessing.

Also, don’t try to force things to happen. You don’t have to promote yourself, manipulate people, convince them to like you. Yes, we should be determined but we don’t have to beat down a door. At the right time, things will fall into place, at the right time, the right people will show up. Now do your part and wait for the promise to unfold.

There are still things that I’m trusting God for but one thing I’m sure about is, it may not be happening on our timetable but God knows when the right time is.  If He promoted you before you are ready, it will be a burden and you won’t be able to handle it. He has to get you prepared for what He has in store. He loves you too much to do it too soon. You just need to pass the test and have faith and patience. your character is being developed. Keep the right attitude in your waiting season. Don’t compare your situation to somebody else’s, you’re not running their race. Instead of living upset just say God my times are in your hands and I trust your timing. He knows when you’re ready, when it’s the right person, when to open the door or when to turn things around. If it’s not happening yet, you have to be mature enough, keep the right attitude and accept that it’s not the right time.

Will you keep a good attitude when you see others being blessed and you’re still waiting? Circumstances may tell you, it’s never going to happen and it’s too late, but refuse to let anything in your past determine your joy today. Just pass the test in the waiting period. Begin to thank Him and declare that He is at work. Declare that He is perfecting what concerns you. Declare that He will complete everything He’s started in your life! And at the RIGHT TIME, He will meet your need and exceed what you expected.



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