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The Most Important Decisions in Life

We all have to make decisions daily, whether it’s small decisions like what to wear, what to eat or major decisions like what to study, what career path to choose, or who you spend the rest of your life with. Decisions shape us, and we are a product of all decisions that we’ve made. I have come to realize that there are five things that are truly important in life, and if we succeed in them, we are truly a success because they build a foundation for all other decisions.



God and your relationship with Him

This is really key. You can be successful on your own terms in all other aspects of life but if your relationship with God isn’t solid you have defective success. God is the most important thing in life and you must develop a dynamic relationship with Him. One thing I know for a fact is how I have grown and I’m succeeding by having that relationship with Him. I knew what life was without him, I succeeded on my own terms but it was a struggle and I didn’t have that peace and joy to even enjoy the success. Now, I truly know what it means to seek first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you. Don’t let people or the society as it is today deceive you and convince you that there is no God or there is nothing called eternity. Also, it’s one thing to know \hat there is God, it’s another to have a relationship with Him. Surrender every aspect of your life to Him, see Him lead you and define your success. Give your life to Jesus and your life gets better, God fights your battles. Make sure your relationship is cultivated. A sound godly life is not a gift, you cultivate it by studying the word, worshiping Him and giving. The reason why you are, is because God is God, don’t take that for granted and regret it at a time when there’s no turning back. Be passionate about God and serve Him.

A relationship with YOU

little-girl-self-hug-640x320Don’t allow anyone put you down, believe in yourself, love yourself, invest in yourself and celebrate yourself. If you don’t celebrate yourself, no one will. People can only give you what you already have and nothing more. You won’t get love, if you are not love or if you don’t love yourself. You will get something that may look like love but it’s not the real thing or you may get love but you won’t recognize it because you don’t know how to love. If you wait for people to applaud you, you may wait for too long. Build your self-esteem, know who you are, know your worth and you will soar. Once you have a firm understanding of yourself, it will be easier to make decisions because you won’t be peer pressurized. You won’t need to wear what others wear. They may wear designers, thank God and you remain comfortable in your own clothes that are not designers. Build yourself so much that other people will wear you. Be a designer brand. Stop crying, what you don’t have today, you will have tomorrow. People kill themselves because of what they don’t have and make rash decisions just because they want acceptance but it doesn’t pay off in the long run. If you are unhappy it’s your fault. Happiness on its own is a decision, you choose to be happy regardless any circumstance. Walk with your shoulders high, you don’t have to be proud but you must be confident.



As beautiful or handsome as you are, you couldn’t conceive yourself. It took a man and a woman to come together and bring you forth. Treat your parents and members of your family very well. No matter what society says, don’t ever be rude to them. You don’t curse them or rebel just because you want to have your way. Honor your parents and your days shall be prolonged, dishonor them and your days shall be cut short. This is fact. Many people die today because of that. You dishonor your family because you think you have arrived. You can change your mind and your future but you cannot change your history. You can be greater than your father but your father is your father. Honor your family, so they don’t curse you and allow you bear generational problems. You can stop generational problems by your decisions and actions. Life is governed by principles. If you don’t sow it, you can’t reap it.


Do something with your life. Pursue a career, one that you enjoy and that’s gainful. If you are not a typical 9-5 person, there’s a reason for that, God created you to build and multiply. Start your own business, write a book, optimize your talent, do something! This is crucial in life and it ties to your purpose. Figure out your purpose, ask yourself questions daily and just try things. You really never know what you can do until you try. Don’t also plan forever, take the risk and make moves. I’m a planner and can get too tied to planning that I don’t execute. Building the right relationships have made me learn to take action and fail if I need to. I’ve realized it’s better to fail fast and move on. Failure precedes success. Have a very optimistic mindset and run with that vision. Myles Munroe once said that the richest place today is the grave. Don’t live a life with no impact. Live a legacy. Leave your name on the stones of time. Make decisions today that will affect generations to come positively.


This is crucial. God made us to have a relationship with him and a relationship with others. We shouldn’t be independent but interdependent on each other. We all need someone to lean on. It’s a fact! From the cradle to the grave you need people and that’s the way life is made. I’ve spoken about relationships with God, you, and family. Here I want to focus on friendships and marriage. To a large extent, who you get married too is very important. I’ve heard tons of couples say if you are single, close one eye in prayer and open the other one in watching before you marry. No relationship or marriage succeeds or breaks overnight. It all depends on the foundation. It takes work and planning to succeed in them. Ask God before you start courting. Because someone serves in church doesn’t mean (s)he is a Christian. This is another reason why God is major because the heart of men is desperately wicked. The fact that everyone is doing something doesn’t mean it is right. As a single person, do you love yourself, do you know your worth, what’s your purpose, do you love the person, how old are you, are you ready to spend the rest of your days with that person. Think! No one, be it family or friends can choose for you, it’s your life and so you have to be careful.

Make solid decisions and your life would be simple and meaningful. Make up your mind to honor God with your life. It pays off in the long run.



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