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The Spirit of Excellence

Spirit of excellence means doing the right thing to honor God, regardless of who is watching or not. This also means caring so much about the things that come out of you and about your perception.

Recently, God has been teaching me about having an excellent spirit and I’ve decided to share this to encourage everyone as well. Even in the little things, I do on a daily basis, the spirit always convicts me about being excellent.

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We live in the society where mediocrity is the norm. Many people do as little as they can to get by; they don’t take pride in what they’ve done. If somebody is watching, they perform one way and if no one is watching, they try cutting corners and taking the easy way out. People have settled for it’s okay to show up late to work, not give it our best and just do what’s convenient but God doesn’t bless mediocrity, He blesses excellence.

Then this Daniel distinguished himself above the governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king gave thought to setting him over the whole realm.

Daniel 6:3 NKJV

Excellence means being exceptionally good and outstanding. Being excellent is not the same thing as being good. God did not make Daniel excellent but Daniel distinguished himself because an excellent spirit was within him. What spirit do you have? Do you leave things better than you met them? Having an excellent spirit goes to as little as the way you clean, the way you dress, the way you speak. Whichever area God has called you to, He wants you to be best in that field.

Go the extra mile, do as much as you can do. You might be paid by man but you are rewarded by God. “Everybody slacks off” is not enough reason for you to follow the trend. You are unique and a leader. A leader doesn’t follow everybody but stands out. Don’t compromise or just go with the flow. Choose to stand out. God calls us to set the highest standard. You should be an example and a reference point. Studying the bible, going to church and staying away from temptation is not enough to honor God. It honors God to not cheat, to get to work on time, to go to classes on time and to do the right thing when no one is watching or isn’t complaining. The fact that no one complains doesn’t mean they are okay with it and you should continue at it. If you have the holy spirit living in you, it should prompt you when things aren’t right.


When you are excellent, your life is giving praise to God. Some people will never go to church or listen to a sermon, your life ministers to them knowingly and unknowingly. When they see that you are different, they want to know more about you. Even if you don’t like the job you are doing, your mindset should be I am going to go to work and do the best I can, I am a person of excellence. If you are meant to be at work by 8 am, then be there 10 mins earlier. God rewards excellence.

One good example God drew my attention to was when Abraham sent His servant to go to a far land to pick a wife for his son. He requested that he finds a woman that not only offers him a drink but his camels as well. The servant asked Rebekah for water but she gave water to the servant and to the camels as well. That was way beyond her call of duty. And she was rewarded with Isaac.

We all do this a lot, go to the grocery store or a cloth store, see something we like then change our minds and just place what we don’t want anywhere. Have an excellent spirit and do what is right.

The holy spirit convicted me of something, a month back. It was a long weekend and I had a deliverable. Since it was a Friday, my manager permitted the team to leave work early if we wanted to. Also, she told me that I could turn in my report as soon as we resume work the following week. I really wanted to leave, considering that I had an event later that night, I wanted to prepare for. The holy spirit spoke to me saying, ‘what would it cost you to do it now’, and just that word, made me stay back to finish the project. The following week, I was under the weather and had to take the day off. The deliverable was an urgent one and my manager needed those reports so all I needed to do was to email my manager the reports. Imagine if I didn’t finish my work on Friday before I left, it would have been a burden trying to finish the report the day I was down. This one experience taught me a lot about excellence.

CaptureAre you distinguishing yourself? Whether you realize it or not, people are watching you, even in small areas, make sure you are representing God in a great way. Make excellent decisions like Daniel did. Maybe it’s to be more excellent in how you treat people, more excellent when it comes to your career and improving your skills.

Are you better this year than you were last year? The world has gotten very competitive. if you are not growing, learning new skills, you’re falling behind. Take steps to grow. Whatever you do, get better at it. Don’t get stagnant. An excellent person keeps growing. There’s always room for improvement. Look for ways that you can be better. Favor and excellence go hand in hand. If you don’t take care of what God has given you, how can God bless you with more? Whether you have a lot or a little, whether it’s new or old, take pride in what has given you. Do what you can to represent God in an excellent way. Don’t let other people’s attitude rub off on you. You should rub off on them positively. God made you as a person of excellence, don’t make excuses, take this challenge to come up to a higher level of excellence.

Sometimes we don’t see God’s favor like we should because we are not passing the small test. Being excellent may not be some huge adjustments you need to make but it may be something small like getting to work/school earlier, managing your time, showing up for an event at the time stated or doing the right thing when you don’t feel like. It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine and anything worth doing is worth doing well. Don’t let something small to keep God from releasing something big into your life.






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