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Life gets really busy., we go day in day out working to meet our day’s goal and things keep fighting for our attention that we really don’t have any time to rest, relax and just live life with no worries or anything calling for our attention.

I recently just got back from Dubai and had an amazing time. My trip and experiences there inspired this post. This trip was incepted a year before. My friends and I literally planned the trip for 6-9 months which I guess really made it worthwhile and very memorable. Dubai is no way near cheap, so a lot of planning and money went into it. The thing we discovered about money tho, is that we work our butts off, save and a lot of things will call for our attention to spend on bills but we never make it a priority to spend on relaxation as well. We decided to close our eyes on this, just go for it and left room for faith to work.


You only live once and there are lot pleasures in life that can be discovered. Spending money on traveling didn’t take away the fact that our accounts needed revival but that’s the aim of work right? To work, save again, invest, and use for the next big thing. What use is it working and you don’t enjoy what you’ve worked for? You just keep paying bills, months in and out. You end up not living life or nourishing your soul.

As the year ends today and everyone is on a high on setting goals and accomplishing them, I want to encourage you to also make it a goal to relax. Make time for fun. Sometimes when we are waiting for the life we want, we forget to enjoy the life we already have. Life may feel incomplete and imperfect (and keep in mind that everyone’s life is incomplete and imperfect) but it’s still a life. Try new hobbies and stay open to new friendships. This will give meaning to your in-between times. We might even make some happy memories along the way but we can’t make memories if we don’t go make them. Very often our lives are like a game. In the busyness of our daily life, we forget to notice how far we’ve come. We do certain things more out of habit than intent and don’t even realize how they affect us. We get so caught up in surviving that we forget where we came from and how much we have achieved in the process. You can just spend time working and think things like…

“I can’t be happy unless…”

“I can’t be productive until…”

“I can’t have fun because…”

We have to live in spite of the if onlys. If only it was that easy right?! Maybe instead of thinking of all the resources we might need to relax and enjoy life, we should plan way in advance and be committed to the goal. Things will definitely distract you or discourage you from making that trip or taking time out to relax but once you’ve set your mind to relax regardless, you’ll be grateful you did and the memories made will live a lifetime,


Wishing you a very successful 2018. I pray you reach greater heights and I get to hear and celebrate major testimonies with you. Something big is coming out of this platform 2018 by God’s grace and can’t wait to reveal!


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