Challenges, Inspirational

Trusting God When it Doesn’t Make Sense

If you’ve lost a loved one, had your heart broken, failed in school, lost a job, struggling in your finances, going through health issues or a terminal illness, you’ve been abused and you just don’t understand what is going on in your life, I beg you don’t try to figure it out. Trust God and go through those things with Him and you will come out on the other side, able to say once I was able to talk about Him BUT NOW I know Him and the power of His resurrection. You’ve got to have experience with God’s goodness.



I want to encourage you to run to God in your pain. He will heal you and comfort your emotions. Just because we haven’t seen it happen before doesn’t mean HE cannot do a new thing in our lives Who knows what healing or blessing we might be missing just because it doesn’t make sense and it’s foolishness to our human minds? It might even cause us eternal life. Surrender completely, trust and obey God and He will bring everything to pass in due time.




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