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Helping Others


Living a life of selflessness is so underrated these days. Why are we so focused on self and fame that we don’t genuinely care about others? Why are we so quick to judge and compare? With time I’ve learned that life is far more than what you want for yourself. It’s more about the impact you make. Who would go to bed each day thanking God for you? How many smiles do you put on faces? Do people have good things to say about you?

Let’s pause and ponder…


Sometimes we might not get the blessings we need because we have not invested in someone else. You are trusting God for gainful employment, then help someone with their resume or even a job referral? You are trusting God for a husband, help someone plan their wedding, and just be excited about other people’s progress. Don’t be so quick to get bitter or say it’s just luck; no, it’s their time so be genuinely happy for them and celebrate them. What you sow, you eventually reap. It’s a heart work.

Be a blessing, get out of your comfort zone to make others happy. Only by doing that can you have real joy and peace. Life is about relationships. No man makes it on their own. It starts with a relationship with God and a relationship with man. The quality of your life is a product of relationships. Your purpose is to leave earth different than you met it, to create opportunities and not to look for opportunities.

Help those who are messy. Yes, it’s good to have people who push and make you better but who are you pushing and making better? Or are you just being judgmental? True love is selflessness. Going the extra mile for people and with that avenue God blesses you. Not using all your efforts to work on yourself alone waiting for God’s blessings. It won’t come and even if you put all your hard work in for what you want, it might not be sustainable and you won’t feel fulfilled. There’s something called favor. This is when you get blessings that you didn’t work for. Trust me, favor is sweeter. To work hard for all you’ve earned is a slave mentality; you’re more than that.

I recently met a lady who confided in me about her life and how lonely she felt. She had little to no friends because of her lifestyle but was willing to change. 770304She needed people around her that will uplift her and she could grow with but a lot of people she came across were being judgmental because of her past. Even people she tried confiding in always want to put themselves on a pedestal and related to her from a place of pride. She never found comfort, peace and joy around them.

climb-the-ladderTrue love restores and lifts up. All around you are hurting people. People that may not have had the advantages that you had. They weren’t raised by parents that invested in them. they’ve never felt the love and the approval that you’ve felt. Most times it’s easy to criticize but you don’t know where you’ll be if you walked in their shoes. Remind yourself that life isn’t a level playing field. God has freely given you mercy; freely give to others

Are there people in your life waiting for you to help them in their struggles? It’s easy to make excuses that they brought the problem on themselves or you are too busy. No, take time to make a difference. Don’t look at them through eyes of judgment but through eyes of love. Maybe deep down they want a change but they don’t know the next step. A phone call from you or a kind word, asking them out for dinner not to try and straighten them out but just to let them know that you care, speak volumes.


Some examples of helping others are:

Giving out clothes you hardly use; not worn out clothes but nice ones to a friend that needs it or to a local thrift store.

Sponsoring a child that is at a disadvantage. You are trusting God for financial freedom and growth, then sow a seed into someone’s life and see the fruit it produces.

Offer your gift or talent to someone for free. It’s not all about making money. Making money is good but do things for free let others be blessed by your gift and see your selflessness and your passion for what you do. Then that will open bigger doors for you to make money. Always requesting money for your talent is a very myopic way to look at life.

Start with your OWN family. How are you going to help the world but you haven’t helped those right in front of you?

Selflessness and helping others, not with a heart of expecting anything in return, would give you lasting joy and peace even in the midst of challenges becaus e you know your time is near. Who knows, the people you are helping may be the answer to your next level. They might actually be the one to get you there without hustling your way through.

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