Great News! My First Book is Here!

Book cover snipped.PNG

It’s been 3 amazing years blogging!! What better way to celebrate this than with a book!! Ahh I’m soo excited! It’s called “Living A Meaningful Life” YES! The title of this blog. I started this blog, June 24th, 2015 not knowing the outcome will be a book. Three months down the line, October 2015, The Lord placed it in my heart to expand the blog to a book and filled me as the years went by. It was a scary dream that was on pause and I didn’t start writing this book fully until my last birthday, which happened to be the blog’s 2nd anniversary!!

This is the least I can do for you all and to appreciate all my friends and family that have been so pivotal in my growth.

A book that is set to position you on the right path and empower you to live a life of impact.

In this book you will:

3D view of book cover.PNG

  • Learn what it takes to discover your purpose and walk in it
  • Learn how to live life stress free in joy and peace even in the midst of challenges
  • Learn how to handle relationships and develop strategic ones.
  • Learn how to refuse to settle for less than God’s best and strive for excellence.
  • See yourself how God sees you—valued, beautiful and special in His eyes.

The book is now available for prorder, HERE

Please buy a copy for yourself, make sure to buy copies for loved ones and even enemies too. Trust me they sure need this! This is a gift I believe people you give, would cherish for the rest of their lives. It’s more than just a book, it’s birthing a community of people that would equip our generation with the right tools and pave the road for success.

Book launch will be on my birthday, June 24th, 2018 by 5pm EST. It would be live on Instagram and Facebook. So please follow my accounts and watch those spaces as well.

Thank you so much for you love and support.



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