Book Review: ABC’s of Personal Finance

Financial success is truly key to living a meaningful. Do you understand the importance of wealth and not just making money? Do yo know the proportion of your money to save, spend or invest? Do you know what financial freedom feels like? What really is financial freedom?


This book lays the foundation and was as easy as the ABCs LITERALLY!!! I got this book in the mail May 29th, 2018 and I finished the book that same day. It’s an easy read for everyone and it covers all aspect of personal finance. It’s literally a beginners guide.

What I love most about this book are the action points at the end of each chapter. The examples also make you learn more about finance.

You might be thinking what is interest and how would my money grow with time. In this book you’ll learn that if you go to the bank and put in $1000 in a 10% interest savings account today, and leave it to grow. In 1 year, you’ll get $1,100 (1000 *0.10)+1000. At the end of year 2 if that $1000 is still not touched you will get $1,210 (1,100 *0.10). So by the end of year 2, you would have gained $210 more! Is that amazing or what?!!

The problem we have is our mindset about money and not having discipline to not touch that money and see it grow and she breaks it down as she writes on all the letters of the alphabet.

I had fun reading this book and learning. I also learnt different ways people budget, save, spend and invest and still reach the same goal. Handling finances isn’t a one size fits all but you have to understand is your spending habits and find out what works for you based on a general principle.

It’s available in paperback and as an eBook. I recommend getting your hands on this book and say bye to a scarcity or slavery mindset and live in abundance.

You can purchase the book here

Knowledge makes you rich. Your financial intelligence makes you rich. Being able to live well and still invest, no matter how much or how little you make, requires a high level of intelligence. It’s time to learn the foundations and build that future you so desire.

Let me know when you do buy and read it!! I’ll be happy to discuss it with you as we walk our way to financial freedom.

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