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Wooow!! We’ve gotten to the last month of 2018!! How?!! Time really went by but a lot was achieved which I’m really grateful for. Thank you all for being so supportive either with your suggestions or ideas.

With Christmas less than a month away, how do you maximize your profit during this season as a business owner? How do you make your products or services get into the hands of the right people and have a brand that opens up opportunities for you?

Our spotlight of the month is a branding specialist and would share tips on how you can make your brand work for you.

Our spotlight of the month is…


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To begin, what are the five things about you, you would like people to know?

  • I’d rather sweep floors than mop
  • I’ve been the host of a radio show before and would do it again
  • My favorite thing to eat are pancakes
  • I love hard and care deeply for people. It’s creepy!
  • I’m providing very random answers because that’s just what I do

What does it mean to live a life that is meaningful?

To live in purpose. When you walk in your purpose, you’re claiming the spotlight that God sectioned out for you, proving that He was right to have included you in the human race. If you create something, you have an expectation of that thing. When that thing doesn’t do what you intended for it to do, it’s frustrating and makes all your efforts meaningless. To live a meaningful life is to prove to God that you work just how He intended – You walk in purpose.

You are the CEO of A Brand New Thing, is this your first entrepreneurial effort and how do you think that your experiences have prepared you for this process?

I started my first business at the age of 12, making and selling necklaces to bridesmaids. At 13, I started another venture selling jollof rice and chicken to adults who didn’t have time to cook. I had picked up a recipe book for making grilled chicken and I was convinced that I made it in a way that no one else did, so I sold weekly meals. I also had another venture as a hairstylist in university, but I never promoted my work, because I hair styling for me was boring and time-consuming. In 2011, I started Dudunorth, a media outfit for Africans in the diaspora. I ran it for about 5 years while providing marketing consulting on the side and working full-time. In a sense, I’d say I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and my smaller, early days prepared me for A Brand New Thing!

Are there best practices to be noted when it comes to branding, especially tips about branding for the holidays?


Don’t lose yourself in the hype of a season, but always take advantage of the hype of every season. Sometimes, brands get lost in promoting themselves during the holidays to the point where they could confuse their audience by misrepresenting their values or identity. So, take advantage of the holiday season as long as you’re able to tie your promotions back to your brand and not dilute your brand image in the process.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years or hope to have accomplished by then?

In the next 5 years, I hope to see myself in great places my imagination cannot phantom today.

Is there anything about life that tugs your heart, or any controversial topic that you would love to shed more light on?

Strong opinions on controversy tend to do more harm than good, so I typically stay clear.

What skill will you like to master and what advice will you give someone willing to develop or learn a skill?

I’d like to master branding. While I know quite a bit about branding, there’s so much room for growth and I want to be the KNOWN MASTER for my craft worldwide.

To someone willing to develop or learn a skill, my question really is, “what’s stopping you?” If your hold up is finances, Google is free and it has so much information on almost everything. If it’s time, sleep a little less and prioritize what you spend your time on. If it’s laziness, make friends with more go-getters who will push you towards greatness.

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When people look at you, what do you think they see or think?

Creative ambition embodied.


Hanging Out with Friends Staying at Home
Fix it yourself Call a professional
Dress Pants
Abstract Detailed
Marriage Career
Cinema Movie at Home

 To learn more about Dami and/or the services she provides visit her website and social media pages.

Website: A Brand New Thing

LinkedIn: Dami Eluyera

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @abrandnewthing




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