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Hey!! This segment is back!! A lot of readers have shared their gains from it. I hope you’ve been inspired by this segment as well?

This month, we will be showcasing a talented individual who recently released the album – “We are Deep”.

To learn more about him or to hear his incredible voice, check out @living_meaningfully on instagram.



To begin, what are the five things about you, you would like people to know?

  • I am very passionate about making disciples for Jesus
  • I laugh really really Loud
  • I used to be a full time dancer before music came to take over
  • I am quite shy around new people majorly because I forget names and faces easily
  • I am a Teaching Pastor at The Lifeway Chapel, Ipaja, Lagos

What does it mean to live a life that is meaningful?

For me, to live meaningfully would be to live a life that consciously plants love behind every action I take, and every mission I’m on; from serving God to serving other people. This is essentially the life Jesus called me into.

You are a creative and performer, how did you go about discovering this, at what age did you start and how have you used that to share your message?

Truth is, I really am not sure about the age. I definitely know that I have been drawn into the creative space from a very young age. Most of my biggest influences are creatives so it made sense that I subconsciously soaked in principles that now allow me to make great art. While in secondary school, I would choreograph, compose music, poetry, and drawings to express whatever I felt- from heartbreak to low self esteem to pride. I became deliberate about my devotion to Jesus Christ and the message He came to share while in university. During this phase, using my gift to share the words I’ve learned from the Lord was a no brainier. It was the most natural thing to do. As time went by, I devoted myself to improving my craft so I can increase my capacity to convey the truth effectively in the art field.


Are there best practices to be noted when trying to create an artwork?

  1. Know your MessageI’ve often said that if you spend time improving on your craft but not in your knowledge of the word of God, you will skillfully lead people into error and not know it. A Christian shouldn’t just say anything but what his/her mind is renewed to say. So spend time learning the words of God about everything; the gospel, love, politics, parenting, hard work, Everything!
  2. Know your MediumYou can have all the message with accuracy stored up in your loins but if you do not devote time to learning your medium – which is your craft – of communication, you’d create mediocre works for sure or even create nothing at all. Sadly this happens. Has happened even to me. lol. I have come to know that it is just as spiritual to learn your craft as it is to learn God’s word.
  3. Know your Audience – More than knowing you message, you must desire to share it. This the moment when creation happens. Keeping your audience in mind when creating would save you the heartbreak of making a piece that most, little, or no one can relate to. Imagine you are approached by the best chef in the world. He dives into the kitchen and whips up a meal. Exciting right? He then serves it to you but you refuse to eat it. why? You smell peanuts in the meal and you’re allergic to nuts! Chef is talented, Food is great,  but the meal is not for you. It is for someone. but not for you. Knowing your audience would help you create a piece that is relatable to them.

For me, knowing why I create and striving to keep the purpose at the center through the whole journey of creating is core for me. When I write songs, I know what I want to say, Why I want to say it and Who i want to say it to. The compassion in my heart helps me phrase the message way I ought to say it.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years or hope to have accomplished by then?

Next five years! haha! this question gives me some real good nostalgic feeling. The popular question that mums, dads, uncles and aunt ask every teenager. In the next five year, I hope to be living out an exemplary marriage that close-to-perfectly reflects the union of Christ and the Church.

What skills will you like to master and what advice will you give someone willing to develop or learn a skill?6Z7A1515 [web]

As funny as this may sound to people who believe I’m already good at this, it definitely would be the guitar. Also, vocal dexterity and the art of strategic thinking.
One thing I know can help anyone willing to take up and/or master a skill would be the ability to grant one’s heart the patience that really allows  growth happen. You most likely would not be a pro in a month. It may be over time. However long, be prepared to expect failures, give shame a friendly handshake if/when it shows up, then swiftly move on with courage and patience.

When people look at you, what do you think they see or think?

Usually, I think people see the image of a very missionary christian who says deep things 24/ 7 but that usually breaks once they stay around me for about 5 hours. My loud laughter and dry jokes are the first to give me up. lol

This OR That?


Rich Successful 
Drums Guitars
Career Marriage
Abstract Detailed
Post It Notes Planner
Library Movie
80s 90s

To learn more about Jo Deep and his art visit his website and social media pages.

Website: Jo Deep

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @iamjodeep



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