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Introducing Nia-Cerise, a young and charming lover of God and we are sure you’ll be inspired by her message.

Please take time to read her interview and leave questions in the comment section.




To begin, what are the five things about you, you would like people to know?

  • My name means that my purpose is to be fruitful
  • I’m from Sierra Leone and Dominica
  • I am a performer who acts, draws and ministers prophetic dance.
  • God talks to me constantly through dreams.
  • Laughing is my favorite activity.

What does it mean to live a life that is meaningful?

Many people are confused. They assume that life becomes more meaningful as they achieve things. For example when the prophesy is fulfilled and they’re finally living the dream. When they get the husband, the family, the job, the friends, the university, the ministry, the following. However, when those things fall apart they have no meaning to life because what was meaningful was drawn from people or circumstances.

A meaningful life is lived out moment by moment as we remain in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and if it is not done then indeed life is completely meaningless. A meaningful life is doing life with and unto God.


You are a Christian You tuber, Co-Director of Abide and Co-founder of Manifest Immanuel Ministries. How did you start/get involved in all and how have you been able to shuffle between all commitments?

Everything was a step of faith after a prompting from the Lord.

I’ve learnt that when God tells you to do something He is faithful in sustaining you along the journey.

I remember the Lord showed me through a dream the ministry of my YouTube channel in the form of a baby, it was so beautiful and radiant and the most wonderful baby I had ever seen. I was responsible for nurturing it and I have been faithful to serve God with this YouTube channel throughout which now has close to 60,000 subscribers. God gives me seasons of rest with my channel and other times He will quicken my spirit to release content. It’s very Spirit led so I never feel overwhelmed. It’s all about moving with the Holy Spirit rather than pressure.

The work God has done with the bible fellowship Abide is supernatural. I stepped out in faith when the Lord instructed me also and I will never regret it. I am in awe of how much fruit has come out of that ministry despite I was a full time university student balancing 3 placements. God did so much but what I value is that He did not allow me to carry it alone. I had a wonderful team which made the ministry never feel like a burden.

nia2If you are reading this never assume that you have to do it all alone. I’m constantly travelling to preach, I need other hands helping me and God provides. I have an assistant and people praying for me however, these people don’t keep me going; the presence does. I ensure that I’m constantly seeking God, this is key. Despite all the sleep you may have it is only God who can give you true rest. As much as I can do self care and relax, it is the secret place that truly keeps me refreshed and moving in supernatural strength.


What are the challenges you’ve faced so far in evangelism?

This is not exactly a challenge but rather a lesson. I’ve learned that as long as you sow seeds God is faithful to bring the increase. Never move by what you see but rather move in faith alone. I’ve seen people get saved on the spot and I have seen people listen and walk away on their merry way only to find they got saved a few years later or contacted me on social media a while after to ask how they can give their lives to the Lord. This was simply because during evangelism I laid hands on them and prayed that God would one day open their hearts for them to know Jesus. Even if they don’t want to receive Christ then and there, pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to do the work once you have left. Listen, it’s not about you, you are simply the human vessel but the Holy Spirit does the work.

How have you been able to ensure that the pressures of the society do not affect who you are and the values you stand for?

At the core it begins by knowing who Jesus is and what He has done for you. The reason why most sin and fall away usually is due to false or little knowledge. It is due to lack of knowledge that people perish. A lack of knowledge of God’s, love, nature, Word or sacrifice is dangerous. As I root myself in these through knowing Him deeply it becomes extremely difficult to be moved. I don’t move with the trends or burn under the pressures because I’m rooted in God’s Word and under the shade of His love.

Often times the reasons why people shift with the trends and choke under the pressures is because they are focused on them. As they stop focusing on Jesus and start focusing on these things they eventually start worshiping them.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years or hope to have accomplished by then?

nia7In the next 5 years, my biggest accomplishment would be to have reached a greater place of surrender in the Lord. I deeply desire for greater surrender in my attitude, emotions, actions, life, finances, relationships and more. This will be my greatest accomplishment: my ever increasing ‘yes’ to God. My continual ‘yes’ even when all people say ‘no’. I have many material accomplishments in my life however without my Yes to the Lord they would have never come about. So in answer to your question my desire is to hold fast to my ‘yes’ to Him and surrender deeper still.

Is there anything about life that tugs your heart, or any controversial topic that you would love to shed more light on

I am troubled by Christian leaders today. Many if not all of my friends have been subject to spiritual abuse of controlling and abusive leaders. It seems few are willing to raise up the younger generation and train them in the things of God without rivalry or fear they may well surpass them in ministry. However, Jesus wanted His disciples to do greater things than He! Many people I meet these days are under controlling leaders who see the individuals under them as a threat because they are doing powerful things for God. They try and control what they do or say and often breach confidentiality. In the end times, people must understand that many Christians will look the part, they will do signs and wonders, they will prophesy and preach the Word excellently, however the devil knew the scriptures too. The only way to identify who is false will be by their lifestyle. I warn anyone reading this, that leaders are not meant to control and cripple you they are there to cultivate and champion you. Look at the fruits in the relationship. Fear should not be in that relationship, neither intimidation nor torment. That is a demonic system.

nia3What skill will you like to master and what advice will you give someone willing to develop or learn a skill?

The skill of concentration. A preacher I look up to once explained that the skill of concentration is so valuable because it is the womb of purpose. Without consistent focus and concentration dreams will never be executed and destiny will be robbed. I want this skill to flourish more in all aspects of my life.

When people look at you, what do you think they see or think?

I often hear people tell me that I am an example. My heart’s desire is to reveal the manifold glory. If people choose to look to me as an example, that’s the example I want society to follow as opposed to what is being set everyday on social media and on TV.

To learn more about Nia-Cerise visit her website and social media pages.

YouTube: Crowned in Faith

Twitter: @niacerise

Instagram: @niacerise



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