Have you ever wondered what it entails to create good content? Does it have anything to do with posting high resolution images on Instagram with the hopes of getting traction? Curious? Read all about what the talented creative director at Season Three had to say on content creation. We promise it is nothing you anticipated.

Season Three is an agency that specializes in producing artistic visuals for brands, businesses and personal milestones. Never heard of them? Check out their socials below to learn how they’re changing the photography and content space.




To begin, what are the five things about you, you would like people to know?

  • Many people who know me think I have OCD meanwhile, I just like to think I’m extremely neat.
  • I can eat corn twice a day, every day for the rest of my life.
  • I love acting. My ideal job would be to be an Actor.
  • I like to see myself as a multi-disciplinarian.
  • I learn better with visuals.

What does it mean to live a life that is meaningful?

Living a meaningful life to me, means living life to the fullest relative to each person’s individual skill set and talent. Living ‘life to the fullest’ could mean something different from person to person and can be expressed differently. Actualizing one’s potential, fulfilling your God given destiny, and influencing others positively are in my opinion all facets of living a meaningful life.

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You are the Creative Director of Season Three, is this your first entrepreneurial effort and how do you think that your experiences have prepared you for this process?

This isn’t my first entrepreneurial effort, I’ve previously dabbled in different business endeavours consisting of eCommerce, multi-level marketing, and also buying and selling chocolate bars & confectioneries in high school. My past entrepreneurial endeavours have taught me the work ethic needed to run, maintain and scale any business. I say this, not coming from a place of previous success, but more of a realization of the mountainous task of running any successful business.

Are there best practices to be noted when it comes to content creation?

Best practices vary from person to person, and depend on what type of content one is creating.

The one common formula across most content creation is

Inspiration + Personal Flair = Content Creation

Everyone who creates content, whether non-visual or not draws inspiration from some source. Most times the inspiration is consciously, but sometimes we subconsciously draw inspiration from other sources. As cliché as this may sound, I draw inspiration from everywhere. I typically carry a small black book in my work briefcase, because reflecting from experiences, my best ideas come when I’m on the move. Another thing I’ve noticed is if I don’t physically write or draw the idea, it doesn’t fully resonate with me. Once I have an idea, I typically put together a mood board that depict the vision. It’s typically not a 100% depiction of what the vision is but this is what drives the creative process, from photography to the editing of the visuals.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years or hope to have accomplished by then?

I’ve always been the type of person to dabble in different things/endeavours at once. In the next five years, career wise, I see myself as a people leader in the product development space. Product development allows my love for people (users) and combines my natural creativity (product) to bring about tangible value to businesses and consumers. I also see Season Three as one of the major creative firms in the city. Creating visual and digital content that for brands and businesses. Most importantly, I’d love to be the Husband and Father God has ordained me to be. Living a life that is heavenly focused but earthly relevant, who can be a source of motivation and inspiration to others.

seWhat skill will you like to master and what advice will you give someone willing to develop or learn a skill?

The one skill I would like to master is leadership. I personally believe I have been called to a place of leadership, so that is what skill I’ve committed myself to learn about, master and exhibit. My advice to anyone willing to develop a new skill, is to commit yourself to working at it every single day.

When people look at you, what do you think they see or think?

I think people see a seemingly extroverted, minimalistic (in dressing), loves to debate about topics he is passionate about and a lover of his wife.


Rich Successful
Schedule Wing It
Career Marriage
Abstract Detailed
Diet Exercise
Shares Real Estate
Early bird Night Owl

To learn more about Seyi visit his website and social media pages.

Website: Season Three

Instagram: @mrseyi_

Instagram: @seasonthreee



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