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Why Do Bad Things Happen?

It's a flawed question. It's difficult to truly answer. We can't truly answer to everyone's satisfaction. We may have opinions about the answer but it's impossible for your opinion to agree with everyone else. We don't stop to ask if we are asking the right question. Maybe the question is based on flawed thinking. If… Continue reading Why Do Bad Things Happen?

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Surviving Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationship is not for everyone honestly. I wouldn't advise anyone to go into one, but situation arises and if it happens, how do you make it work? I have been in one, so I think I have enough experience to talk about it. It's not easy; you have to mentally and emotionally prepare… Continue reading Surviving Long Distance Relationships


It’s January!! A new beginning I can do better.

Happy New year to you. We made it ya’ll!! If you’re reading this blog in 2016 thank you! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, spent time with loved ones and enjoyed the moment. I love new year! It brings about a feeling of renewed hope and in some cases reflection. I think its important… Continue reading It’s January!! A new beginning I can do better.

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The Power of Discipline: The Soul

  Hello all, The last time I spoke about the power of disciplining your spirit man and using the analog of how a phone works, I explained how you need to charge your spirit man up to serve God wholeheartedly and how this takes a lot of discipline. It is also important to realize that… Continue reading The Power of Discipline: The Soul

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The Danger of Unforgiveness

I provided a scenario in my last post about forgiveness. If you missed it, it would be a great idea to read it now, click here. I want to thank everyone who shared, commented and contacted me about the scenario. It was insightful hearing other people views on the topic. In summary, it's hard to forgive… Continue reading The Danger of Unforgiveness

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Challenges are only temporary…Don’t give up! (Part 1)

After writing my last blog post about choices, I was thinking about what to write, and I feel this is the perfect follow up to what I've discussed so far. I thought about the fact that choices are hard to make honestly, why not talk about challenges. So here goes this post Every problem is… Continue reading Challenges are only temporary…Don’t give up! (Part 1)